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Hello everyone I have been obsessed with this site...

Hello everyone I have been obsessed with this site looking at reviews, before and after pics trying to prep myself into to under go liposuction. My profile pic is my size now and I have put on a lot of pounds over the years. I guess Ive gained weight little by little and i woke up one day an realized that I have to do something soon or umma end up like the woman on "My 600 poubd life" lol. My arms are one thing Ive struggled with my whole lifw. Ive never worn a strappy top except once to prom and that was almost 10 yeara ago. They hae always been something im swlf conscious about. They say that the arms are an area that most dont touch because it can leave a lot of loose skin but at this point um desperate and need them gone... Right now! Also my stomach, lower back, and love handles and I have this irritating roll right under armpit, have got to go as well. Ive been looking at BBl procedures but honestly I dont need anymore butt.. Lol there is alot back there and with the proper lipo in the right places I just want it sculpted bit. I want more of a cuff. So smaller waist, no rolls, flatter stomach and a rounder butt. Im not going for that vixen video look or the ig models. I want something really natural and curvy. Ive had surgery before on my breast. I had a breat reduction. I have a few scars that i want revised so thats something I want done as well. I wasnt nervous about my breast reduction surgery. Something I always wanted since a little girl. You cant tell from the profile pic but sheesh they were huge!! They were about a Double H and now um a solid C cup. I am nervous about the lipo though. Not knowing what doctor to choose. Should I go out the country, columbia? DR? What doctor should I choose etc? I just want to feel goid about myself, wear the clothing i want, be able to wear tank tops and shorts and a tight fitting dress withought a girdle. If anyone has any advice on doctors? Places? Considering getting the same work done!! Please comment!! Lets help eachother out. Ill upload some more pics of before and after my breast reduction, some wish pics and pics of me in general. Ttyl!

Been looking into Dr. Duran

She has some amazing bodies that she has sculpted.

Dr. Duran is the truth

Seriously considering Dr. Duran. Once I get the courage to message for a quote I dont think there will be any turning back. Something Ive been wanting forever. Im planning on loosing atleast 20 pounds before surgery so i can have the best results possible.

Obsessed with DR. Augustina Duran

Starting my weight lose after my birthday. Aug 6th,2016. I currently weigh 255 want to be down to atleast 220. I do not want a tummy tuck! I repeat I do not want a tummer tuck and Dr. Duran seems like if you have even the slightest hang over with that belly she's doing a tummy tuck. Also from reviews she makes people loose weight if they dont have a certain bmi. I know im well over so before I even request a quote i want to get down in my weight. Currently up trolling reviews and also looking at some Arm lifts as well... I feel like I might have to get one but im so scared of the long scar that is left. What if it doesn't hel seamlessly and very noticible. But I know my arms are pretty big and lipo would probably leave alot of hanging skin. What do you guys think? I also want lipo of the inner thighs. I love my thick thighs but just want that thigh gap. No more rubbing together for me! Also booty shaped only a small bit of fat injected. My butt is already huge. A nice curved back, smaller arms, thigh gap, and a flatter tummy. You nit gonna be able to tell me nothing!

Oh yeah almost forgot!

This double chin thats coming in has got to go! Hopefully when I loose some weight it disappeares. And even then I want a little lipo just to define my neck area a little more.

Email sent!

Sent email detailing what I want, questions, pics etc. Hopefully I hear back soon! Ill will tey to get in touch with some third parties rhat do bookings for Dr.Duran as well!
Dr. Duran

Dr. Duran seems amazing. Cant wait to start this journey!

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