24yr old w/ 375cc hp breast augmentation - Edmonton, AB

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Edmonton Plastic Surgeon

I had first heard of Dr Chong last year through a girlfriend who just had a BA preformed by him. She was thrilled with her results and knowing I had started the process of finding a surgeon she had recommended him to me. I had my first consultation with Dr Chong in July. He briefly went over the procedure and details of the implants that would be used to correct my mild tuberous breasts. I found the consultation rushed (partially because I didn't take the time to ask the right questions) He was quite cold, not even making eye contact with me but staring at the ground the whole time he spoke to me.. none of that really mattered though because I was 90% sure he was going to be my surgeon before I even stepped in his office based on reputation alone! In August I made a second appointment as I had some questions that I forgot to ask in the initial consultation. This time he was much more compassionate and definitely put me at ease when I brought up a few concerns I had. I was feeling confident now. I went ahead and booked surgery that day for the end of October! In September I was back again for the sizing appointment. I tried on 300, 325, 350 and 375. I liked the look of the 325cc implant but also kind of wished it was a bit bigger. When the doc came in to check how it was going he recommended I go with the 375ccs since you lose about 25 under the muscle and he wanted to fill the sides in more. Its been about three weeks since the surgery. I was having some anxiety about the size not being big enough after looking at every before and after picture the Internet has to offer. I expressed my concerns that day but of course by that time it was too late to change sizes. Surgery went well but I was in a lot more pain than I had expected to be (and I thought I had high pain tolerance!) The first week was absolutely terrifying as there was hardly any shape to the implants on my chest but as time went on they started to move into a more breast like shape thank god. The healing process is going well however my only complaint is the size, I expected them to be much bigger :( hopefully once the drop and fluff phase is over I will be happier with the size. Overall I am very happy with the result despite the size and would definitely recommend Dr Chong to anyone interested in breast augmentation! :)

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