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They open on wednesdays for office visits. One...

They open on wednesdays for office visits. One worker reschedules me an appointment for two weeks later then when I called the SAME DAY a different worker offered me three empty spots for an appointment for the next week instead of waiting for two weeks. Now I've been waiting for three weeks for another worker to get back to me for my surgery date proposal. Beware of the rude and annoying workers at this place.

Regretfully Not the Right Doctor for Me

I am tired from dealing with this doctor. He's hard to understand sometimes and he did not want to try to understand me as a patient. He made ridiculous accusations to lead me into forgetting my own reasons for wanting the procedure in the first place. I felt like he didn't want to care for the best results for me. Sometimes I feel like he was trying to trick me into making an easier procedure for himself. I don't have time to be on hold and tossed like I'm not a patient. The waiting time and environment for this doctor is not comforting and I think he does not really care for his patients. He has no respect for the extra time that I put in for him. I was late to one appointment a while back and when I arrived I got rescheduled for a different day. I told the assistant that I was 2 hours away and I had traffic from the winter snow weather and she still gave an appointment for 2 weeks later in the most rude and disrespectful way. Then later in the same day I found out there was empty spots for 1 week instead of 2 but I still coped with the doctor because I thought you know maybe it was completely my wrong maybe I made him wait for my appointment or something. But then the next time I seen him in his office I told him about the 2 hour drive with the winter conditions and he said there's no problem my late didn't do any harm to him. And in my head I thought ok maybe as a doctor you should apologize that I drove all this way to get a reject and reschedule in the end... My father is a retired doctor and I remember whenever he had far patients he would not just make them drive back like that so I just thought this doctor is really careless in a rude way . I wish he would have told me from the beginning what his intentions are instead of twisting his words and still aiming for the results that I'm not looking for. I guess I still continued with him because he was the only doctor that charged for a consultation at the time which I know is an absurd reason to continue with a stubborn doctor. I am normally not the type of person who likes to write negative reviews about anyone even if there was something that I didn't like but right now I just feel so fed up from dealing with this doctor. He tired me and I'm sick from all the crap that I got from him. I have a right as a patient and I don't think any patient deserves to be treated in these ways.

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