22yr Old Lovin SMART LIPO!

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My name is Jesi and im 22 yrs old. In December...

My name is Jesi and im 22 yrs old. In December 2007 i moved home from colorado- i had gained about 20-30 lbs quickly after highschool from not eating right, no excersise, and drinking with my gal friends alot ;) so i decided to move to colorado and play volleyball in college- i was great in highschool and knew i could get a scholarship at a JUCO if i pursued some schools. This way i could lose the lbs i gained, get in shape, make some new friends, and live in a pretty state for a bit! well unfortunately i ended up very unhappy, made some great gal friends but still didnt take care of my body the way i should and resorted to emotional eating to deal with my problems- so hear i am now 50lbs heavier since highschool and feeling awfully bad about myself- my confidence was shot- the athlete that i used to be was now disguised with a body that i hated that i didnt feel comfortable in one bit....so i moved home.

i moved home to where my family and friends were- got a job and started a diet and workout regimen that same month- I lost 35 lbs pretty easily- well it wasnt EASY but my body sure was glad i did it. I knew i still had a few more unwanted pounds to shed but it seemed like no matter what i ate, how far i ran, or how much i lifted i couldnt get certain problem areas to budge.

After battling these buldges for a couple months, i started to look into smart lipo- a friend at work had told me about it so i began to research. I actually looked at most of my before and after pics here, on realself.com. I talked ot my parents, got them on board, found a surgeon, booked a consult- and BAM they sold me.

On September 26th 2009 i had my abdomen upper and lower, my love handles, and my breats done. Breats are usually done on men when it comes to smart lipo but there are many surgeons out there who do women as well- my boobs were in my way- they flopped when i worked out- they grew when i gained all the weight and big boobs were never something that i wanted! The doctor was confident he could bring them down a couple cup sizes.

The Procedure was kind of fun actually- i was awake the whole time- there were a few times that it began to hurt but my surgeon talked me through it- we even sang songs together to keep my mind off of the pain....he had a really good voice!! I did get a little nauseated when they did my belly button area- but again he did everything he could to make me feel better!

I was very swollen the day after- VERY SWOLLEN- especially my chest- i barely bruised on my stomach or love handles- my boobs got pretty black and blue:( But ya know its been 4 weeks now- and im very pleased with everything so far- my stomach looks better then it has in years- my back fat is def. smaller. I feel so much more comfortable in my jeans- no back fat, no buldge....its boosted my self confidence alot- especially when im out hanging with my friends!

Ive had to be patient with my chest- every body part heals differently- i massage all the areas with the ultra sound massager you can buy at the office- its expensive but i think its worth it if youre ready to get rid of the lumps- which i have- but heard are only temprary and the ultra sound machine is suppost to be the best way to break those silly things up! So all in all it was a positive experience- they keep telling me to be patient because the final results dont happen quickly- it can take up to 8 months to see what your body is going to look like once its done contouring...

So anyways i hope this is helpful to those of you out there looking into SmartLipo- heres some pictures below to give you an idea of my progress!! GOOD LUCK GIRL AND BOYS!

Glad i did this thats for sure!

Glad i did this thats for sure!

Dr. Subramani out of Cape

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