Accutane Treatment and Other (Birth Control, Antibiotics, Retin-a, Adapalene, Benzoil Peraxide, Epiduo) - Melbourne, AU

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Photo: before worse period, after visiting dr...

Photo: before worse period, after visiting dr Clare in melbourne VIC (I got keloid scar), in during accutane

Acne -Since my 14 years old. 20-22 –was a peak. That time I did test for demodex, ultrasound of the gallbladder, uterus,etc; test for hormones, fiberoptic gastroduodenoscopy.
From all of them I knew (by the tests at that time) I have not problem with my hormones (blood test showed it), i ‘ve got uterus bicornis (the uterus with 2 hornes) , I didn’t have demodex, and my alimentary system is fine.
Than (22) I began using contraception pills that made my skin under control (but not completely) but it was much better. arround my 29 (1,5 year ago) I had to stop using birth control pills. i had smth like anemia in my feet and hands . And the feeing was so strong that I couldn't get sleep. After stopping using pills (9 years I was on it) a get my acne back and more worse. The skin was very very oily. (I could fry eggs on my face, the skin was bumpy, bc all pores were clogged my oil)Acne were on my face, neck & shoulders.
I break out with reason and without. With reason especially from the food with any sugar include it, spicy (chilly, red pepper..carry soup etc), marinated food(pickled etc), flour food (bread, cakes, etc), dairy food (any), corn, canned food, fry and roasted beef, chicken, lamb etc (I can eat it just if it boiled), alcohol, soft drinks (coca cola, juice(if it not natural), sprite etc)
Cream with sun protection or any other moisturizing cream (comedonic free what ever everything) blocked the pores. (foundation etc).Publicized African black soup made me break our worse and blocked my pores too.
After struggeling with it 3 months I went to dermatologist dr Clare Schofield I told her I wish to have that treatment ASAP because of my age I wish to get pregnant as soon as possible after the treatment. She said me regarding this wish she can’t give me roaccutane treatment because its need long time etc. but I knew usually the treatment gets 4-7 months depend from the dozes. Well the doctor Clare was not in rush with my issue! She gave me prescription for antibiotics Emycin and the sample of Neostrata smoothing Lotion 10 AHA (that include Glycolic acid, Citric Acid, Alcohol etc). she said to use antibiotics 2 weeks together with this lotion (by fact its gel). Honestly I knew that it wants work because I had already the list of things I tried (I put them down)and all external agents were not effective, they just make worse. The list of medicaments that I already tried that was not helpful and I read it to her! In that list was Erythromycinum+zinc acetate (zineryt lotion) that is the same as a emycin just emycin is oral treatment.
I asked her that time “ is it possible my skin conditions might be worse after this lotion and antibiotics? She answered that “they give it to everyone (the same treatment)”.
After 2 weeks of being on the antibiotics with lotion my skin clear up in some places but the same time skin felt prickle around my cheek.I thoughts it normal because of that lotion that I put on the area where the surface of skin in some part was not perfect (on my left cheek but I repeat I COULD EASY TO COVER IT BY MAKE UP , they were not extremely visible). I read that this glycolic acid that the doctor gave me supposed to regenerate skin.
Regarding this information I thought the prickle is good sign and I kept using it. But in couple days after I got very unusual growth in my left cheek(cheekbone). In exactly the same place where I put the lotion. It looked like one bulbous pimple. It was bulbous and red and something like liquid was inside. I was scary I did not tuch it. I google it and I found its looked like keloid (hepertrophic scar). The This kind of scar not disappeared they stay. The reason is excessive formation of scar tissue.

I left all this treatment that has been given me. I made appointment for another doctor but unfortunately I needed to wait couple months. Those couple months I used external retinoid on that affected area of my cheek (retin A gel, I Bought online). It reduced the size of keloid scar. All convex, painful part of keloid car is gone but the hole(“mark, hole, pit” whatever I don’t know how to call it) is left!
My new doctor was compassion to me. She gave me treatment immediately after receiving necessary tests. Probably she cares more about my issue.
At the moment I am in the end of my treatment but keloid scar is not gone and its visible even with make up on. It looks like the part of skin is missed and make up does not help to cover it. Also it has dark color. I know I can’t rid off of it. Maybe laser could help me in future but it can’t get rid off me from this keloid scar completely 9and I did not see anyone in internet who successful cure scars)
The conclusion is I have to spend money for making couples laser therapies or whatever for reducing the size and visibility of that keloid scar that I got though the treatment by dermatologist Clare.
Every morning I wake up and I check some improvement on that area. My treatment that was given by my doctor (another one)now is going to finish soon(supposred to finish in the end of april 2014). And unfortunately I see that this scar (hole) in my cheek is not going to disappeared!
It was my big mistake the day when I came to those East Melbourne Dermatology to doctor Clare. The treatment that they gave for everyone it spoils my skin completely! Now I got that mark on my cheek and I need to think how to get rid off of it.

The list of treatment I used since my teens:
Azelaic acid (skinoren gel, cream)-Addictive. Makes irritation. Never helps completely. Used together with Erythromycinum+zinc acetate by dermatologist prescription.
Erythromycinum+zinc acetate (zineryt lotion)- Addictive. Made worse,
Benzoyl peroxide 2,5 5, 10% (baziron), Adapalene 0,1% gel(differin), Epiduo (adapalen+benzoil peroxide), -Never help completely. Doesn’t treat acne. Used together and separate .used it before using oral contraception and in during oral cont. treatment
Klindamycin (antibiotic)- Didnt work.
Neostrata ultra smoothing lotion (gel) 10 AHA (Glycolic acid+ citric acid),- By dermatologist prescription I had to use it 2 weeks(together with emycin antibiotic). And that see how is it. I used 17 days. 14 days were not bed (the colour of skin was good but) after 2 weeks on the place where I put it(I put it selectively) I got big keloid (hepertrophic scar) on my left cheek. Now it looks like a pit.
Tretinoin cream, gel (retin A)-Use still now. Lifting effect but doesn’t treat my acne. !!!! made skin look a bit better and a bit dry
Diane 35 oral contraception-Was awesome. Acne were under control (I broken out if I eat\drink spice or sweet food. And if I drink alcohol or soft drinks as a coca cola etc). But it was easy to manage. But last couple years I had to stop it bc I have got problem with veins. Very strong numbness of my hands and feet, so strong that in 1 hour (if I lie) I couldn’t feel my body!. I stopped it bc I was worry to get clots.
Jeanine oral contraception -Made skin so bed. more acne and very painful (in site acne org com they write possbile reason why some b.c. pills help and some not)
Yasmin oral contraceptions-Was not so good as diane 35. The skin was not so oily as I have but by the time it bite my acne less and less. In October 2012(before all this problem) I had to stop using it bc of numbness.
Tetracycline antibiotic (doxycycline)- Works couple week. I noticed the face a bit clear up but I got acne on my neck(where I never had before). Stopped it
Erythromycin antibiotic (emycin)+Neostrata gel -On 16 -17 days I got big keloid (hepertrophic scar) .

Roaccutane-bc I used it after being on retin A 3 months (or other reason) it does not made me break up much. the skin is very dry, scars more,more visible. In the evening they look worse than in the morning. I have some break out in my period. Soon I 2-3 weeks I will finish the treatment but I still have one break out and one is going to appear. But they are both were under the skin before. Accutane "bumps up" acne that deep inside. Actually two these acne I got from shiseido white lucent eye treatment (that I used on eye areas but possible it spread lower while I sleep). while being on accutane. I don't know what resault will I have. Will my acne dessapear or not I can't say now. Of course if I could have this treatment before I do not have scars now. But believe me I did many things to try to cure my acne in during all my life, and I used to go to dermatologist in my country but never they give me accutane. My rating @I am not sure@ only bc I did not finish yet. It makes look scars worse but I hope they will look better after treatment.
Accutane 220 mg/1 kg . But my course was longer for 2 months.
1 st month 10 mg, 2 nd 20 mg, 3 th-20/40 mg , 4 th month 40 mg, 5 month 60 mg so till the end

Also list of cosmetics I used: shiseigo purness line -is very good there is foam , tonic alcohol free, oil free, powder (I used it many years even when my skin was ok as on first photo) . It will not make worse!. What can make worse(it did for me) care products of "Payot" (expecially green tonic for oily skin), Estee Lauder (some creams are too havy for oily skin), Biotherm-does not do anything or worse, Decleor-worse.

I hope my review will help someone. Good luck!
Clare Schofield

19 February 2013 I visited Doctor Clare Schofield in Albert Street Dermatology. The treatment that she provided was absolutely unsuccessful and furthermore is cause of harm for my skin, so I need to have other treatment in Clinique that provide scar treatment (particular keloid scar treatment). Regarding the letter from Dr. Clare 12 November 2013 I visited her in Dermatology Clinique on 24 Collins Street. Dr Clare does not take responsibility for harm that was the outcome of using the gel with 10 % AHA (Glycolic acid+ citric acid) that she gave me. As an evidence she asked me to provide the photo of my skin conditions in particular problem (harm area) after using gel. The photo are hold by my dermatologist with who I am working now in another clinic. Dr Clare said she will contact my dermatologist and will track my improvement together. That help she offered me. But even that didn’t happen because just day before I had my last visit to my dermatologist and my doctor does not have any news for me from dr Clare. Now the treatment coming to the end. I realise no any scar treatment can really help. May only improve a bit. The mark that I got after keloid scar is make other scars more visible. How the doctor can be name "doctor" if does not take responsobility and even did not offer other treatment to fix what she did. For her its nothing for me it harms my confident and life

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