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Decided to take the plunge after reading a lot of...

Decided to take the plunge after reading a lot of reviews. I took a large package to save on the one time costs. It's typically $750 per treatment. Hoping for the best.

I am on a 1200 calorie a day diet and started my diet at 191 lbs but on my first day of treatment I was 184 lbs in this picture.

I'm told I won't lose weight from the procedure but I have seen enough reviews to be confident. The most attractive part of this procedure for me is the lack of scarring meaning results will be as natural as possible.

The day of my first procedure I was very bloated so hoping for the best. God speed.

First Treatment to Lower Abdomin

So July 18th, 2016 I had my first treatment to my lower Abdomin.

It was very scary feeling sucked in by the machine but once it gets doing it becomes numb and is fine.

Your fat really does come out like a frozen stick of butter. Also, when the machine came off my love handles it burned so badly I had to have my husband massage it vigorously for about 15 mins while it wretched in pain.

Numbness, bruising, tenderness to the touch followed for 4 days after but then the worst kind of nerve pain followed starting on the 3-4th day. Needle pricking pain as well. I couldn't sleep without an ice pack, NOTHING HELPED! I was prescribed a nerve pain by a doctor but that did nothing at all. Miraculously on the eve of the 2 week mark my pain disappeared. I feared it wouldn't because up until then it showed no sign of slowing down.

I am praying every day for the best.

June 25th 2016

These pictures were taken on June 25th, exactly 7 days after my treatment- so I knew they must of been due to my diet and not the procedure.

I was down in weight 182.6 lbs from 184lbs so not sure if it would make such a big difference or perhaps I wasn't bloated that day.

As per the measuring tape, I am down 1 inch in my lower abdomen. I just can't decide if this is due to bloating when I first measured before the procedure or the effectiveness of Coolsculpting.

Either way, still hoping for the best and praying for amazing results.

July 5th, 2016

I did a treatment on my upper abdomen and mid- abdomen on July 2nd! Very very swollen. Itchiness has started as of today. Very dreadful but I have a freezer full of ice packs.

I can feel results on my lower abdomen in clothes (dresses and pants) but not in the mirror. :(
I am also at 180.7 lbs now. Still watching my caloric intake and even started walking daily now (approx 2 hrs).

My upper and mid abdomen are extremely swollen and just wishing to see more results from my lower abdomen June 18th treatment (2 weeks and 3 days)!

2 Weeks and 3 days post lower Abdomen Coolsculpting

Just thought I would do a side by side.

Upper and mid-abdomen still swollen from recent July 2nd coolsculpt.

I think I see a little results?

Still hopeful.

July 18th- Exactly 1 month post Lower Tummy Coolsculpt

So like many of the reviewers on here, I have late on set pain. I had both my children WITHOUT epidural- not even Tylenol- and this pain basically feels like active labour. The first week feels like 8 centimetres dialated, and it goes down to 6 by the last week but believe me it is RIDICULOUS!

I was prescribed Neurotin- did nothing. Like dropping a penny in an ocean- ZERO relief. I had to freeze my stomach with ice packs round the clock. At night is the worst time. An ice pack won't last 8 hours so I wake up in a panic of pain to replace my ice packs. I sleep with a tight under garment which I tuck the ice packs into. My skin is literally hot to the touch if I go more than 15 mins without an ice pack on it. I'm burning up literally. THIS IS NOT FOR THE WEAK OF HEART! Please do not think that this will be bare-able! If you need more than one treatment- just consider an alternative like liposuction!

I spoke with the clinic doctor and he has sent a script for Lyrica to my pharmacy for me to try. I am nervous Because reviews indicate that is causes water retention and weight gain DESPITE exercise and decreased caloric intake- CONTRARY TO WHAT I AM TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH HERE. Dr. Says I shouldn't be concerned if I only take it for 2 weeks.

In any event- I "think" I'm having results. My skin in most definitely looser on my lower abdomen. I was 41 inches in diameter on my lower abdomen when I started and I am now 38 and a half. The thing is I was routinely bloated, however 2 and a half inches down is really not something I could have faked by bloating. Also good to note I did lose 11lbs since starting this journey however.

In the first picture you can literally see how the top half of my stomach is bulging past the lower half.

July 19th Update

Top Row right: (picture with the yellow star) Pre-Cool Sculpting

Top Left: 2 weeks post 1st treatment to lower abdomen

Bottom Row: 4 weeks post lower abdomen and 2 weeks post upper abdomen, which is very swollen and inflamed currently.

Notice any difference? I wonder what is from my 13lb weight loss and what is from the cool sculpting?

July 21st, 2016

Co-workers starting to notice.

I'm 3 days away from week 5 anniversary (this Saturday will be 5 weeks to date of my first CS)

Yes I am down 13lbs down in weight but you cannot cheat these results. I am sooo excited to see my most dramatic results in the coming weeks.

I may be crazy enough to continue coolsculpting. ????

I measured 41 inches around my lower abdomen the day before coolsculpting. Today I measure 38inches. Even if I push my stomach out (to account for bloating that day), I still only measure 40inches! That's at-least a legitimate 1inch difference in fat loss!

1 inch is typically one dress size down!

If you can tolerate the incredible nerve pain and have lots of pin have fat as I do, this might be the non-surgical, zero scarring solution.

July 21st

Can't stop taking pics. Nice to fantasize even though my clothes are covering the fat bulges ????

4 weeks post under bra area. 6 weeks post lower abdomen.

Quick update:

Under bra area before CS: 33 inches
After CS: 31 inches
(over-night change)

Lower abdomen before CS: 41 inches
After CS: 38 inches

The Nerve pain post under bra area is now officially still occurring 4 weeks post CS! ???? It's still not completely gone (maybe at 20%) but I did my first day without an ice pack...FINALLY.

My lower abdomen may still have a bulge but the fat is SUPER SOFT now. So much so that where it used to be pronounced in clothing, the clothing now can push it flat. Very happy about this.

Overall I feel great and clothes fit better!

Note: I'm at 178.5 lbs
Started CS at 184lbs
Also, my arms and other body parts are still the same
Measurements despite weight loss. So I am
Confident the CS has worked.

Nov 22nd 2016

So due to the crazy pain (remember everyone says it painless??) I could not continue with the treatments.

I was flat out told that 10 cycles of cool sculpting would eliminate my fat and was a replacement to liposuction (yes I asked this question flat out) and lo and behold- IT IS NOT!

I still get cramps every so often and my last cycle was in July!

Not only that but the company has been avoiding me to refund my money. I paid for an unlimited package and went for 2 treatments after getting 2 nerve pain prescriptions from their doctor AND THEY REFUSE TO GIVE ME EVEN A PORTION OF MY MONEY BACK. I have been sending NON-stop emails and even had to get my lawyer involved!

Now I will be filing a lawsuit against the company!

Needless to say- I could of gotten a tummy tuck for my money and be healed by now!

Their website and marketing material describe the treatment as pain free but yet I have pain prescriptions from a doctor. Thy prefer to ruin their company name than to just give me a refund and get rid of me!

Let a judge decide!

Ladies, don't waste your time!
New You Clinic

The staff were friendly and answered all questions. My technician is especially nice and accommodating. Bedside manner is no issue just waiting on results!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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