17 Days After Tummy Tuck

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I thought of having a tummy tuck for 3 years and...

I thought of having a tummy tuck for 3 years and have gone through 4 consultations before finally deciding on the doctor who performed the surgery. I'm turning 30 this year and wanted to do this as a gift to myself and it's the best gift I've ever received:) After 2 kids I had a massive amount of stretchmarks from a little over my belly button to my pelvic area and tons of loose skin. I lost 20 lbs. and worked out like a maniac before getting the tt.

Pros: A flat stomach and the definition of a 6-pack in the making. I can now realize all of the workouts I've done under my breast area and it looks great! I can't even remember having a stomach like this because I was so young when I had my first child.

Cons: Scar but it will fade over time. I still have my stretchmarks above my belly button but it has moved down to the lower ab area so it's not too bad. My drain tubes were removed after 9 days but I had to get another drain put in on my 16th day because I had more fluid that my doctor had to take out with a syringe during my regular visits. Pain medication makes me nauseous. Abdominal binder that makes it difficult to wear my normal pants, luckily I kept my big pants (before weight loss) and lots of elastic waist pants. It's just not very flattering.

Week 1 was painful but controllable by pain meds. The patch behind the ear was a Godsend as prescribed by my doctor to prevent nausea from the anesthesia and pain meds. The drain tubes were uncomfortable because it tugs at your skin and the bulge of the bulb was a bit of a hassle. I had to track how much fluid I emptied in a log and turned it into my doctor. I did stay at a recovery center at a hospital close to the surgery center the evening and day after my surgery. My doctor came the next day to check me out was reassuring for me.

Week 2 I started feeling somewhat normal again as it was easier for me to get up. Day 9 I had my first appt with the doctor and it was also the first time I drove a longer istance (about 20 miles). My drain tubes were removed but my dr. wanted to see me in 3 days to monitor fluid. I moved on to Tylenol for pain relief. Day 12 I went back for fluid check and I did have 30 cc's that dr. removed by syringe. He said to come back after the w/e Day 15 to check fluid again.

Week 3 went back to work. Day 15 I had 40 cc of fluid so Dr. decides to put in another drain so that I didn't have to come back and forth for him to manually drain. Drain is a small latex tube (inserted on my 16th day). It was pretty painful to put the drain in and so I took pain meds again that evening. I was nauseous the next morning and called in sick because I was dizzy and sore. I am now still sore where the drain was inserted and it hurts when I get up. I am now taking Tylenol to relieve some pain. The good thing about the drain is that there is no bulb. I put a maxi pad and gauze on top of drain to absorb fluid. Doctor says I leave this on along with my abdominal binder for 2 weeks. Fluid is getting lighter now.

What I look forward to is not having to wear the binder! I also got a breast lift so I want to be able to wear a regular bra! I want the scar to fade faster and I want to stand up straight! I feel like my butt is so flat because I'm hunched over. I can walk somewhat straight but I still look hunched. I want time to go by quicker and feel normal again.

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Very attentive and provides as much detail about the operation as possible including a simulation of the surgical experience on the computer. He is very caring and his staff is awesome and couldn't be friendlier. What made me feel great about my decision is seeing real people in his office that got the same procedure done and they looked great! He was highly recommended by his staff and the recover center at the hospital who sees many patients from different plastic surgical doctors. They said that the recovery for my doctor's patients is the best of all doctors they see.

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