Done Oct 20th.

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Wow my surgery is 9 weeks out! I can hardly...

Wow my surgery is 9 weeks out! I can hardly believe it! I have been soooobusy, the time has flown by since my consultations!

My first consult is the Dr I chose! (Dr Jones) I really liked that he wasvery supportive of what size I want and the procedures I want done. He hasdone some work on my fiance, which was why we saw him first (my fiance madethe appointment as a surprise!.)

I really don't think I will regret choosing him, his office is beautifuland staff, one of which is also his wife, seem great!

I did a ton of research on him, as well as the other doctors I wasinterested in, both on RS and on their professional websites and I likedhis answers to questions posed by others here on RS and his before andafter pics speak for themselves.

Interesting thing, the doctor I thought I wanted to use, and I had lookedinto in 2014, was my second consult, and for whatever reason we didn'tconnect, he has amazing results, no doubt about it, but I think he is veryselective in choosing his clients, meaning I think he discourages thosethat he doesn't feel will have results to "his" standards and I didn't carefor his "style" or bedside manner I guess. Oh well it is what it is and Iam glad I went to see him so that I have no regrets about who I chose.

I am getting silicone implants, (450 or 500? ) a lift (donut) and tummytuck and lipo on my flanks.

One of the things I really like about this clinic and doctor is they offera pain pump and overnight stay for a measly 800$ extra, the break down is 500$ for the stay and 300$ for the pain pump, I have heard a pain pumpreally helps with not getting that hunched up feeling in your back andshoulders, both things to me really are a bargain, for the peace of mind ofhaving pain relief the first day or so and being watched during the crucialfirst night.

I was really hoping that I would have lost a little bit of weight beforesurgery but haven't lost my usual summer weight....and who knows with a fewmore months to go I guess it is possible, I blame my fiance...he feeds metoo well! ;)

Before pics.

No idea what I need to get ready for October.

Guess I better brush up on what I need to do to get prepared! (meaning start obsessively researching) I hope I hear from or get something from the Doctor office letting me know if there are any pre-op stuff needing to be done.

The time is ticking by really fast, here it is nearly September! I really can't wait to be done, I have lost a few pounds this week woot woot.

Mostly I can't wait to have a flatter tummy. I told my fiance the other day "I named it Bob" he looked at me funny and said huh? I grabbed it and jiggled it and said "THIS". He just rolled his eyes because he loves me just as I am. He is more excited for the boobs though LOL . He was so cute when I tried on sizers at the Dr. Office, he was trying to not stare, but also trying to get a good look, so I said "honey it is ok you can look and have an opinion, but if you say go bigger I will throw one at you" they were 500 cc's so being the wise man he is he didn't say anything, just smiled and nodded. Smart man.

38 days to go! some anxiety-itement!

I have bought a few things to make my recovery easier, a shower bench/chair and neck pillow and my fiance is loaning me his recliner that is automatic (electric?) I took a nap in it at his house the other day and bumped the control with my knee and was startled awake by it shifting my position so came up with a plan that we will plug it into a power strip to turn off power to it while I am camped in it, can you just imagine not being ready and having it either drop or lift your feet and stretch you out at 2 am?

I am so excited and slightly anxious, hoping everything turns out great!

Holy cow "mommy makeover" is only 3 weeks away. I can hardly wait to see the changes!

The time has gone by so fast, I am ready, but not! I have so much to do at my house to get it ready for winter and feel like I am running out of time!

I am really excited, but I am bummed I have gained weight, I got on the scale today and up a few pounds, dang it! oh well it is now or never, I have wanted to do this for about 20 years and after 7 pregnancies, plus breast feeding, I told myself that I was never "thin" enough or ready enough, let alone the support in my marriage was not there for something like this.

I am so glad my fiance has encouraged and supported me so much in this. He is an amazing guy and I think about as excited as I am to see the "new" me, he is bringing me one of his recliners next weekend to have at my house after I am done recuperating at his so I can be comforatable, I am such a lucky girl to have him in my life.

wish pics

I think this is am going to feel and what I will do when I am all done! (funny)

me when I am upgraded.

First peek

Well I'm liking what I see so far. Very hunched and taking it easy.

I have a lot of admiration for those of you traveling to have this surgery. Happy healing thoughts to all of you going through this as well.

Still no bowel action but I'm not really worried about it. It'll happen eventually.

I really can't believe I went through with this and can't wait to see my body through this whole process.

I'm feeling ok. It really wasn't a walk in the park. I guess until you do it you simply do not know how your body will react. I've had c-section and non medicated births. Pain wise, it was above and beyond either of those.

Pain pump out.

Wow he did an amazing job. He took 3 1/2 litres off my waist and flanks and about 5 lbs of tummy gone! Once the swelling goes down in a few weeks it will look awesome. I can't wait!

I love Dr Jones attitude of let things heal and correct as needed. I go back in five days to have belly button and nipple sutures taken out. He has me taking an iron supplement, I was on my last day of my period when I went in for surgery but the surgery made me restart so my irons a little low.

Dunno when I'll update again, maybe next week or when I see significant changes.

Last post for awhile. I don't think things are to exciting just one week out.

I don't want to end up with a review that has 168 photos over 6 months of progress so I'm not going to post for a bit until I have news or progress that is interesting to share, I'm just resting, drinking and eating a little, I'm not doing any other protocol other than letting my body do it's thing. I don't poke or prod around for seromas, I haven't been scrutinizing my incisions other than a quick look to make sure nothing looks weird. I'm beyond pleased with what I see so far. Happy healing thoughts for us all.

Healing at home now!

I transitioned from my fiances to my house, didn't sleep well at all even though I am in the exact same chair I was at his.

I had a slight problem with one of my drains it had really dark blood where it exits my body, I noticed this last night when I was changing clothes for bed (which felt great btw) I took off the tape holding it and stripped the tubing as best I could and it looks fine this morning.

I couldn't resist taking a pic wearing a tank and yoga pants WOW! I am loving my trimmed waist and flat tummy!!

Before surgery pics

Accidently deleted old ones;

Week one and two post surgery.

I have curves!

I am so pleased!!! Near tears pleased. I never imagined I could look like this, I don't think I ever did!

I hurried and took this before swelling kicked in, I haven't moved that fast in over two weeks, like it would disappear and sell hell would kick in before I could get back with my phone to snap a pic. LOL! .... Well maybe it would?

Update on my progress. More before and afters, healing of problem area.

Well I'm coming on... 5 weeks!!!!

And thought I would do an update on how I'm doing so far. Still very tired and swollen in the evenings, TT tightens up so much by 6-7 pm I feel like I move like an 80 year old.

I had a small issue with my left nipple where the skin went dark and blistered and pulled away, it was like that right after surgery, the doctor left the stitches in an extra week until it healed a little because he said if he removed them to soon it would open up to much. As you can see by the progression pics it's healing just fine with no additional attention from me other than when I had my four week the doctor pulled the very hardened scab of to let it reheal and close more.

Other than the lipo areas still hurting and doing self massage on a few spots that are really tight or lumpy where he did the it, I am feeling pretty good. Swell hell is real and hits so randomly, and annoys me but I read enough to be prepared and not panic when it does happen. Happy healing to you all wherever you are in this journey (if anyone is even reading this lol)

I look nothing like the computer generated pics! (YAY!)

Just for fun I thought I would put the computer visualization up to show how much better I look than it was, I was so disappointed when I saw these at my consult I almost canceled my surgery (these were not from my doc btw). I am so glad I went with the doctor I did, he did such a good job and I love my results.

8 weeks and here comes the swelling again? Back to wearing binder.

This sucks. Just when you think you have turned the corner, suddenly at night I am swelling up like the Pillsbury dough boy. I am so tight that by 4 pm I am walking hunched over and like an 80-year-old again. Can't stretch out in bed.

I had stopped wearing the binder because I have a bad case of eczema on my abdomen, which I think is being exacerbated by wearing the binder. So I had to pick the lesser of two evils which for me right now is the swelling.

3 months post op update!

Feeling pretty good at almost three months post op.

For the most part, I love my results, but do have a few issues that eventually will need revision, my hips both have dog ears that poke out a bit giving me a little angular look to them, one has some puckering and wrinkling that I hope will smooth out as I resume exercising and eating healthier, the other has a hole where my skin healed around the drain tube.

I still have the itchy rash on my abdomen that began immediately after surgery. (annoying at the most)

I have one stitch spot on my right breast incision that continues to be tender and hard, I guess I need to get in to see the doc and check if there is a stitch in there aggravating the skin underneath.

Nipples have spread out a bit and aren't as small as they initially were after surgery, I still like them though and have heard that is common with larger implants and a donut lift.

I continue to massage my scar, if not every day then every other day. All in all, I am loving my new body more and more.

So.......about that rash and oh look some bras!

Ok so... apparently it is a fungal infection. Yep. Those two dots became lots and spread to my arms and chest, and..and..and. I finally went to my GP (not my PS because when I showed him them a week after surgery and every visit after he had no clue what they could be), so I saw my GP who had no clue what they could be.

ITCH! ...did I mention that? holy mother of itchiness. We are talking wake up in the night scratching itch. I do not recommend searching the internet for what could be causing said itch, it will only scare you or scar you. Everything from scabies to a rare form of cancer can cause incredible itchy rashes. So off to the dermatologist I go, she listens to my tale of woe and looks at them (from a distance I might add) and says "I suspect it is a folliculitis, possibly fungal" whoo ok that was on my list, and a hell of a lot better than scabies! (burrowing mites) sounds delightful eh? so she gives me Diflucan to take twice, now mind you this was two days ago I took the first pill and now the second and when is the magic supposed to happen? *scratch scratch*

So on a recent trip, I went to victoria secret and tried on bras, First. Time. Ever. ...... and....disappointed. They just were not what I expected. Not at that price anyways. I liked them ok, but for 45$ plus, I want to LOVE them and feel sexy in them! not just "ok" so I start shopping on amazon, and these are what I find! LOVE LOVE LOVE and all at under 20$ each LOVE even more and COMFY love even more!!! so here are pictures of my rash and new bras!
Orem Plastic Surgeon

I just love Dr Jones @ Cascade Cosmetic Surgery. He truly is an artist and what he did for me is amazing. I feel like he really went the extra mile in giving me the figure I have always wished I had, I now have a beautiful curvaceous shape, a flatter stomach than when I was "young" and my breasts are perky, well shaped and delightful. Yay for boobs! He was very relaxed and discreet in his initial consult with me and totally put me at ease, I went to other consults and no one compared to him in his honest approach in what is possible for my body and the expectations I had and whether he could meet them (he in fact exceeded them). He made me feel good about the decisions I made regarding the size and shape I chose for augmentation and worked with the natural curves of my body to enhance and smooth and improve what I already had. Everything was, and is, as he described it would/could be. He did not candy coat anything, and went beyond my expectations, which I very much appreciated - especially in a plastic surgeon.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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