Something for me, after a lot of years of putting others first.

Wow my surgery is 9 weeks out! I can hardly...

Wow my surgery is 9 weeks out! I can hardly believe it! I have been soooobusy, the time has flown by since my consultations!

My first consult is the Dr I chose! (Dr Jones) I really liked that he wasvery supportive of what size I want and the procedures I want done. He hasdone some work on my fiance, which was why we saw him first (my fiance madethe appointment as a surprise!.)

I really don't think I will regret choosing him, his office is beautifuland staff, one of which is also his wife, seem great!

I did a ton of research on him, as well as the other doctors I wasinterested in, both on RS and on their professional websites and I likedhis answers to questions posed by others here on RS and his before andafter pics speak for themselves.

Interesting thing, the doctor I thought I wanted to use, and I had lookedinto in 2014, was my second consult, and for whatever reason we didn'tconnect, he has amazing results, no doubt about it, but I think he is veryselective in choosing his clients, meaning I think he discourages thosethat he doesn't feel will have results to "his" standards and I didn't carefor his "style" or bedside manner I guess. Oh well it is what it is and Iam glad I went to see him so that I have no regrets about who I chose.

I am getting silicone implants, (450 or 500? ) a lift (donut) and tummytuck and lipo on my flanks.

One of the things I really like about this clinic and doctor is they offera pain pump and overnight stay for a measly 800$ extra, the break down is 500$ for the stay and 300$ for the pain pump, I have heard a pain pumpreally helps with not getting that hunched up feeling in your back andshoulders, both things to me really are a bargain, for the peace of mind ofhaving pain relief the first day or so and being watched during the crucialfirst night.

I was really hoping that I would have lost a little bit of weight beforesurgery but haven't lost my usual summer weight....and who knows with a fewmore months to go I guess it is possible, I blame my fiance...he feeds metoo well! ;)

Before pics.

No idea what I need to get ready for October.

Guess I better brush up on what I need to do to get prepared! (meaning start obsessively researching) I hope I hear from or get something from the Doctor office letting me know if there are any pre-op stuff needing to be done.

The time is ticking by really fast, here it is nearly September! I really can't wait to be done, I have lost a few pounds this week woot woot.

Mostly I can't wait to have a flatter tummy. I told my fiance the other day "I named it Bob" he looked at me funny and said huh? I grabbed it and jiggled it and said "THIS". He just rolled his eyes because he loves me just as I am. He is more excited for the boobs though LOL . He was so cute when I tried on sizers at the Dr. Office, he was trying to not stare, but also trying to get a good look, so I said "honey it is ok you can look and have an opinion, but if you say go bigger I will throw one at you" they were 500 cc's so being the wise man he is he didn't say anything, just smiled and nodded. Smart man.

38 days to go! some anxiety-itement!

I have bought a few things to make my recovery easier, a shower bench/chair and neck pillow and my fiance is loaning me his recliner that is automatic (electric?) I took a nap in it at his house the other day and bumped the control with my knee and was startled awake by it shifting my position so came up with a plan that we will plug it into a power strip to turn off power to it while I am camped in it, can you just imagine not being ready and having it either drop or lift your feet and stretch you out at 2 am?

I am so excited and slightly anxious, hoping everything turns out great!

Holy cow "mommy makeover" is only 3 weeks away. I can hardly wait to see the changes!

The time has gone by so fast, I am ready, but not! I have so much to do at my house to get it ready for winter and feel like I am running out of time!

I am really excited, but I am bummed I have gained weight, I got on the scale today and up a few pounds, dang it! oh well it is now or never, I have wanted to do this for about 20 years and after 7 pregnancies, plus breast feeding, I told myself that I was never "thin" enough or ready enough, let alone the support in my marriage was not there for something like this.

I am so glad my fiance has encouraged and supported me so much in this. He is an amazing guy and I think about as excited as I am to see the "new" me, he is bringing me one of his recliners next weekend to have at my house after I am done recuperating at his so I can be comforatable, I am such a lucky girl to have him in my life.

wish pics

I think this is am going to feel and what I will do when I am all done! (funny)

me when I am upgraded.
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