Breast Lift with MPP Implants over the Muscle

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Finally I decided to write about my experience......

Finally I decided to write about my experience...
I'm 26 years old, 2 kids, my breast was deflated. I researched about BA for about 3-4 years. I went to see 2 plastic surgence in town, first one said I can get away just with bigger implant but few years later I will end up with big saggy boobs, and he recomended breast lift with HP implants. I just did not feel he is right DR. For me and on the top of that I did not like the price he wanted for breast lift with implants--> 19450$.
A week later I went to see another Dr. He made me feel very comfortable, he spent about 1,5 hour with me on consultation, his staff was also very friendly. He said that he doesn't want to put more scars on me than he has too, he said I have pseudoptosis and all I need is breast implants. I told him I want smaller areolas and he recomended 375cc HP silicone implants with preareolar mastopexy and areola reduction. All of that for 8781.46$. I got home, had some time to think, I felt like I need 3rd opinion, I made an appointment with DR. LoMonaco. He has such a great reviews, I had to go see him!
On consultation He made me feel so comfortable from the minute I saw him. When I left his office I knew he is the one who I can trust!
I saw Dr. LoMonaco on November 20th and on December 7th I was already scheduled for a surgery. We've decided on breast lift with silicone implants. I went to pick a size and really liked how 350cc look on me, on pre-op Dr. Said that he might not be able to get 350cc inside of me. He ordered a range from 250cc to 350cc MPP and HP implants, so I did not know what size I will end up with. Also I wanted to get implant under the muscle, but Dr. Said he might not be able to put them under the muscle ( I can't remember why, going to ask it on my following up conciliation).
On December 7th I arrived to the hospital at 9 am And had my surgery at 11 am.
I woke up from the surgery around 2:30 pm maybe little later then that, can't remember.. My first question was what size implants did I get (lol):)). The nurse said Dr. Already left and she is going to call him and find out. She came back and gave me the news. I recieved 275cc MPP over the muscle. I was a bit sad that they are smaller then I wanted and over the muscle.. Dr.'s nurse called me that evening to check on me. She said that 275cc all they could get in there, and on my left breast Dr. Made a pocket and tried to place implant under the muscle but ( can't remember the reason) he had to place implants over the muscle .
As now I feel ok, I stopped taking pain killers 2 days after the surgery. I have long way to recover, some days I feel good and happy, other days I feel sad and think maybe I should've done breast lift only.( don't get me wrong, i think Dr. Did awesome job) it is just me.. My breast is so heavy, tight and numb. Sometimes I think that I should've get smaller implants or not get them at all. Since the implants are over the muscle, now I'm scared I will get ripping and will develop early sagging.
The area on the chest between my boobs feels like burning sometimes and skin on that area looks so tight as well. Going to see my dr. on December 18, I hope he will make me feel better:)

Boob blues..

All week I was feeling down, blaming my self for getting implants.. every morning I wake up and feel terrible, I wish I could go back and change it, I was asking my self why I did I get the implants, why didn't I like my self the way I was, what was wrong with me etc.
Tuesday I called the dr.'s office , spoke to the nurse. I was very emotional, I told her what I was feeling and thinking, she was so supportive and nice to me, cheered me up a bit, the doctor wasn't in the office but she said she will tell him that I called, the dr. Called me that evening to see how I am doing, he said that he was just out of surgery and concerned about how I feel, what he said is that, what I feel is very normal, I'm only one week out of surgery, anesthesia is coming out of my system and might be messing with my head, my body is sore, my breast skin is very tight and numb, it's heavy and uncomfortable, plus I can't do things that I normally use to do like sleeping on my side or stomach, lift kids, be active.. He said it will take time to get use to size and weight of new breast, tight skin will loosen up, I will be in my normal routine in 3 months, I need to give it a time, if 3 months from now I still don't like it, we will remove the implants.. He defiantly made me feel better!
.. I was scared to death to tell my hubby what I was feeling and that I want my implants out ( we just spent almost 11k on it..).. But I couldn't hold it all just to my self broke down in tears and told him everything, surprisingly he was very supportive, he said it's very normal to feel that way right after the surgery, I just have hard time getting use to to my new body ( it's big , heavy, hard, tight and numb on some areas) , he said the depression that I experience called "boobs blues" and it doesn't last long, by the time I heal ( 3-4 months) I will feel great and will love by breast, and if don't like in few months. No matter what he was telling me, i felt like I will never will like I will never like my breast ( not the look, but the feeling of them!!!) , I wanted to cry, stay in bed all day, so I cried and cried and then had a headache from crying.

Today I had my 11 days post op meeting with my dr.! It went well! No fluid in my breast; incisions are clean and healing.
I still have boob blues.. Still same thoughts, adding to that I think what if I do explant, and my breast will be worse then it was before, it will be deformed.. Why did I get the implants why why why.. I see people around with new born babies and it makes me want to have another baby ( and I was pretty sure I'm not having any more kids), I think what is going to happen to my breast if I get pregnant, in already so stretched after Brest lift with huge implants ( 275cc is pretty big for my small frame , I'm 5'2" 97lb) ... Now I look at almost every women's breast, I find small breast so attractive, beautiful and natural! I can go on and on about my thoughts and fellings, it makes me sick to my stomach!
I am trying to keep my self busy and now I defiantly appreciate more, things I have. The most important is that my loved once are healthy and happy.
I will keep you posted. xoxo

1 month post op.

Hello there! I'm officially one month post surgery. What a Month it's been...
Still going through so many changes.
I can see that my right Areola stretched a little bit; I start noticing some rippling on the cleavage on both breasts, I have a lump on my left breast (located on the side (4 o'cloak)) and I can feel that something hard like cord going from that lump (that I thought was a fat necrosis) down to my stomach above the ribs, and it hurts a little bit when I stretch. After reading some reviews here, I thoght it was Mondor's cord..
I had one month post op meeting with My PS today. The nurse cleaned the insisions by removing the glue and by clipping the stitches that did not dissolve. PS doesn't think I have Mondor's cord, The hard Lump on the side of my left breast doesn't look like a fat necrosis (he said, he put some stitches on that area, and he thinks it's a scar tissue around it, recomended to massage it).
As far as ripplings my PS said it might resolve with time when implants are settled, but might not, because I'm thin and don't have much fat to cover the implants wrinkles, in that case there are few different ways to fix it (if I des dicide to keep my implants)
The Areola size also can be easily reduced in office under local anesthesia, when I'm 6 months post op.

I still have bad days when I blame my self for getting my boobs done, they are heavy, uncomfortable, too close together and I want them out.. And I have good days, when I like my breast, I think they look good, exactly what I wanted, and can't imagen what I will look like if I decide to go through with explant (probably will be so bad , that it's not worth removing them)...
I think maybe the implants are too big for me, if I go smaller , it won't be so uncomfortable, and maybe I won't have rippling... but if I go under another surgery, I think I probably remove this evil bags for good))

7 weeks post op

Hello there. First of all, I want to say thank you ladies for support!!! I'm so bad at replying on comments, please forgive me for that;)

It's already 7 weeks since I had surgery, time flys by.. On January 14th I started using silicone sheets called "EMBRACE SCAR therapy". One Box comes with 4 silicone sheets for 125$. Nurse at PS's office applyed them for me, she said leave it on for 7-10 days, repeat the therapy for 6-7 weeks. Saturday evening I was ready to remove those stickers. OMG!! It was so hard and painful. My nipples are still so sensitive! Today I went back to the PS's for second round of EMRACE, it so hard to apply it on the breast, I did not want to mess it up, and drove 80miles to the doctor's office for the help:)) plus I needed to pick up another box for next week. I don't know if it helps or not, but worth trying.

I would think by now, I should feel better as far as feeling of implants, BUT, I really don't..
1) Implants don't feel comfortable in the cleavage area, they push too close to each other and it make my skin etch in that area.
2) I have visible rippling on my left breast, right in the cleavage, it's very noticeable :( this is one of the main concerns. :( Right breast has rippling too, but not very noticeable.
3) And again my left boob... The implant pushes to the cleavage more then does implant on right breast, witch makes left boob not centered, and Areola point to the side.

Because of breasts are so close together, and they are not very soft, and don't move much at all, it makes impassible to find a bra that that fits. Bra wires sit right on my boobs (on the bottom of breast cleavage) not on the rib cage.

Before BL and implants

2 month update

Two months passed by..
Things are going smooth. Celebrated my 27th birthday in Vegas, got to show off my girls in low cut dresses lol. I like how my breast look with bra on. I think it's perfect size for my frame ( I'm 5'2" 97lb) my current bra size is 32d in VS.
I can't believe how much my breast changed since surgery, some for good, some for not so good..
I will start with positive side;)
My breast no longer feel too tight, looks like skin loosened up a bit, they've gotten a bit softer and I'm getting use to my breast weight.

All my concerns are with my Left breast..:( The right one dropped more and it actually looks and feels great ( the only thing I would change in my right boob is size of Areola, it stretched little bit and looks bigger the left areola) .
The left breast shape different then right, it still has visible rippling in the cleavage, and u can see edge of the implant through skin (on cleavage). The Areola on left breast points to the side ( I feel like the implant is pushing to the cleavage more then to the side and that makes Areola to point sideways.. I don't know if you understand what's I'm talking about lol:)))
Also I have this weird feeling in my left breast, When I flex left pectoralis muscle I feel and see how implant moves with it.. When I try to flex my right pectoralis , the implant doesn't move at all! I don't know why this is happening to my left breast.. any thoughts ? My husband thinks maybe it has something to do with what happened during surgery.. my dr. tried to place implant under muscle on left side, but for some reason ( can't remember) he end up placing implants above the muscle, And had to close up pocket he made under the muscle on left breast...

Just when I find peace with my self (exepted my new breast, the way how it feels and finally letting booby blues go..) I have concerns with how they look:( I really liked how they looked right after the surgery, but now.. Not so.. THey aren't as perfect as I wanted them to be. I know breast aren't twins , but I had the surgery to get them as perfect as it can be.. I feel like I will have to have revision at 6 months post op, to fix rippling at least, who know what else will happen from now on..

Why is my left breast acting weird?

Left breast is acting weird
This is very annoying.. I feel the implant moving up when I flex my pec muscle, and down when I relax the muscle. Only on my left breast. I thought implant shouldn't move when it over the muscle, what's going on?!:( I keep flexing my pecs without even thinking. And my left boob Goes up every time, I feel it, sooo annoying, Ahhh...
I was suppose to see my PS on the 02/12/16 but it got reschadualed to the 02/29..
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