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I had a Tummy Tuck and Breast story...

I had a Tummy Tuck and Breast story ... I went to see a Ps in Houston he was ok but wanted to look around should of went with my first mind ...but I really didn't know to much about him ... one day I was talking to my sister about what I was about to do little did I know she was going the same thing lol but she already had a date and ready to go ....she told me about this doctor who had such good rates so I waited for her to get her tummy tuck and breast done when I saw here she look really good I wanted the same thing so I decided to go to the same doctor and have him do my work on my I schedule a personal consultation for my tummy tuck and Breast reduction... so everything was good. He seem to know what i wanted and i was happy that the roll was going to be out of here lol.... and i can wear shirt that fit.

part 2 of my story

i will tell u about !!! looking for my pictures to show will be back with update

OK I'm back with the 2ndpart

OK so here it goes .I set the date for my surgery.for 5/27/16 ...OK so the day is here get a call the day before asking me to be there for 7am I said OK I was happy with that I get my things ready for my big day as I was heading out to drive to Dallas I get another call tell me to come I. At 11am I'm like are u sure cause I just got a call telling me to be there at 7 OK will still on My way get there at 1015am while waiting for my time I go and get pain meds ready so when I get out I will have them ready to pop!!! OK pain .I go back upstairs and there ready to take me to the back they ask me to change into the stuff OK so I'm thinking it about to go down now and I'm really scared my sister sitting there telling me everything going to be fine... OK as I'm waiting 1 hr passed 2,3,4 OK now I'm like what's going on. Not happy at all should have gotten up and left as u thought it someone came in and told me we are ready ... so I walked down to the next room and sat Down on the table saying to my self it about to happen now ..the doctor came in very nice like alway I won't take that from him !! And now it was time all I Remember was him asking me something and lights went out ... OK now it's over all I could hear was my sister going off and I was coming out of my sleep and in a lot of pain ..I could hear my sister yelling asking them why don't I have my bra and binder on this is not right because they did not do me this way .my sister was so upset yelling I'm looking at her like what's wrong what did they do to me she they ask them for something to wipe me off with because I had blood dripping from me not sure where but she was not happy she then help me put my things on still going off OK so now I'm dressed and off to the house she gave me a pain pill before we left the place... here I am at my sisters laying in the chair the best place to be easy to get up and sit down . .. OK here comes my sister waking me up every 3 1/2 hr sometimes 4 to eat and take meds boy was she right on time no pain !!! My sister took very good care of me knowing what I was going through because she had it done to her... OK


Now to the rest of my story ...on day 3 i started to break out not knowing what was going on call the doctor's office to let them know what was going on with me .. got a call back from the doctor .. changing out my meds as the days pass i noticed under my breast and tummy looked like yellow stuff coming out i called and told them i had this going on but was told no it wasnt infected went for my appointment and his nurse came in to see what was going on telling me it was not infected ... the thing that had me very up set about this whole thing is that when your getting work done and don't see the doctor for your first visit i was not happy to see his nurse at all ..after two weeks of pain to my right breast i went to ER to find out i had a infection and at the same time they call me back from his office telling me the same thing i was not happy at all to find out i had this. but the worst part it was'nt cause by me but the care of others ... i will post pictures of this till this day i have a small hole under my breast and a half job done on my sides which im not happy about was told to come back for the rest im thinking to my self should'nt this been done the first time ... so now i have to pay more money to have my sides done ...


The cost

I paid for my tummy and my insurance paid most of my breastfeeding reduction . ..

Dr Godat was very friendly the first time i met him and made me feel like he knew what i wanted done

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