Never too young or old to have your eyes lifted!!

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Cincinnati Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Mendelsohn performed an upper eyelid lift and he EXCEEDED every expectation I could have imaged. My friends and I decided we would do this together to give ourselves a "lift". I highly recommend having plastic surgery with friends it takes the fear out of surgery and gives you a recovery buddy. We are all healthcare workers ranging from 43-62 and when we get together we seem to complain about the same areas, our eyes! They looked tired, droopy, we had crow’s feet, under eye bags and the list goes on. My friend has a procedure by Dr. Mendelsohn before and recommend we tak to him about our concerns and see what he recommended to us. He was an easy choice for us b/c he well-known, respected and simply makes you feel like you are the only patient he has. I was searching for someone I could partner with for ALL my facial/skincare concerns and not just someone that would perform surgery and never see me again. He made the extra effort to get to know me and understand what I desired and delivered on all aspects of my needs. These are all the qualities I was searching for when I was looking for a physician partner. Some of my biggest concerns were about having surgery and returning to work without taking too much time off work. He assured me the incision site would be minimal and I would be able to return to work within 4-5 days unless I wanted to wait until my sutures were removed. I wanted to wait until the sutures were removed so returned to work 6 days after the procedure. After detailed discussion about treatments and options and Dr. Mendelsohn and I decided on an upper eye lift and post-surgery botox. I felt confident in his explanation of the procedure but specifically his attention to detail about all the types of procedure available, after meeting with him I completely trusted what he recommended for me. The day of the surgery was almost exciting!! His staff are courteous, friend and very inviting. Everything that Dr. Mendelsohn explained what would happen went as planned. The procedure was less than an hour and if you are afraid of needles at all …. You need him for your surgery. I barley felt the numbing medication his technique is almost gentle. I went to post op and waited for my friends to come out of surgery as they did we talked about how simple the procedure and we couldn't believe how little we felt during the surgery. One over all response from us all was we waited WAY to long for this procedure! 6 days after surgery I returned to work and no one knew I had surgery. I did get comments like “a couple days off and you look rested”, “Did you change your makeup” , etc. but you could barely see the surgical incisions. I believe this was because the post instructions given to us were to ice 20 min’s out of every hour for 24 hours I believe we had minimal swelling or bruising b/c he gave us detailed instructions and told us why this was so important. Having surgery with your friends gave me the ability to hear other concerns that maybe I didn’t think about but also gave me someone to discuss any concerns I had with surgery sites but mostly it gave me other people to celebrate my eyes. Everything is better with friends!!! I will and have recommended Dr. Mendelsohn to all my friends because when you find an amazing physician that wants to invest in your needs you recommend him to everyone!! I look forward to having a relationship with Dr. Mendelsohn and his practice. Thank you so much.

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