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The Woodlands General Surgeon

A review of my goals, why I selected Dr. Lind, the patient process, and final results: Everyone has asymmetric breasts, but it seemed like the difference in mine was becoming more pronounced as I was reaching my mid 20s. My goal was to increase volume and get a more even pair, but most importantly I wanted to look and FEEL natural. I knew I would be off work for some time since I was moving away to another job, so I saw an opportunity to do the operation. At that point I knew of two general types of implants: teardrop shaped and the traditional round shaped. The teardrop shape is a newer type of implant – it is shaped more like a natural breast, but it is also firmer. The bag, or shell, holding the liquid is harder, but this is necessary to give the appealing shape. The round implants are significantly softer with a simple round shape. In The Woodlands there is no lack of cosmetic surgeons so it was not a simple decision. I picked a few to visit in person based on internet reviews. With the first doctor I stressed the importance of a natural look and feel. He praised the teardrop implants, saying they were the best option for a natural looking breast. He quoted the teardrop implants at $2,000 more than the traditional rounds. He also left me waiting for quite a while in the examination room. I wanted more opinions… I eventually went to Dr. Lind and it was immediately refreshing. Melissa at the front desk, who also assists in consultations, was the sweetest receptionist I had met in my search. The office was comfortable. The conversations I had with Dr. Lind and Melissa were relaxed and open, not cold or overly clinical. I never felt pressured or pushed to make a decision. I never felt embarrassed. Dr. Lind took great interest in my family/medical history, which NOBODY had done before that point. He fully explained the ups and downs of getting breast implants- the recovery, the risks. They explained how it takes some months to see the end result, how implants will sit higher on your chest and feel firmer at first but will eventually relax and soften. He told me that in my situation the more costly tear drop implant was not necessary for me to look natural and that it would be much softer with the rounds. I knew he was being honest. In the end I saved $3,000 by selecting the rounds with Dr. Lind. He genuinely cared about my happiness and wellbeing. Dr. Lind measured the volume of each breast. We used computer software to preview how they would look like after surgery and selected my implant size from there – one a little bigger than the other to account for the size difference. I went from B to D. It was an outpatient procedure with anesthesia so I slept through the operation. My roommate drove me home afterwards and kept an eye on me the next few days. The next day I had a follow up appointment with Dr. Lind. I threw up many times the first 24 hours due to the after effects of anesthesia (no surprise since I had experienced this from another surgery years before). Coming off anesthesia can affect people differently. There was pain and swelling. My chest muscles would spasm and the post surgery bra had to stay on around the clock. I also had to do a cycle of antibiotics. Waterproof surgical tape was applied to the incisions and it itched a bit. Even with all this I made a fast recovery. I took hydrocodone for 2 days, but after that I felt remarkably better. The biggest nuisance was not being able to lift my arms very high, and not driving for a while but it was manageable because I had left my job just before the surgery. After a week or so the itchy tape came off. I was feeling better and better each day. A month later I moved to my new job. At that point I was a bit concerned because the implants still felt firm but they became noticeably softer 3-4 months after the surgery. Today, 9 months after the surgery, my breasts look more natural than I had even imagined and they feel soft. Scaring is minimal (by the way, there is a new FDA approved cream for scarring so we can all worry less about this!). The few days of moderate pain were completely worth the results. My new size fits well to the rest of my body, like I wanted. Since I did a procedure with them they also gave me free botox injections around my eyebrows, which turned out great! It was their monthly special. I would recommend Dr. Lind and Melissa to anybody wanting to have any type of work done. They prioritized my health and happiness above all else, and I am 100% thrilled with the results.

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