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My Secret to a Natural, Youthful Appearance


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18 Oct 2016

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My Secret to a Natural, Youthful Appearance

Today, we hear about so many horrible accounts of botched cosmetic treatments or surgeries. Therefore, I needed to find a highly respected physician who is current on all the latest techniques and procedures. I researched the best doctors listed in my area, and found Dr. Diwan to fit my criteria. After carefully discussing what I wanted to do, Dr. Diwan examined my favorite photos from younger days. To keep my appearance natural and refreshed without surgery, I have had Botox, Juvederm and Voluma injections. I also use the Tri-Polar treatment to tighten and stimulate collagen. Dr. Diwan and her staff are so informative, helpful and kind. I have the best secret to a natural, youthful appearance - the best doctor!