Should have listened to dr Schulman

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Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

My post bbl experience! About me, I am a 36 yo RN from NYC 5'3 145 lbs. I had a TT with Lipo 3 years ago and figured I can workout instead of getting a bbl. Sadly that didn't work as planned, no matter what workout I did it wasn't helping in the rear department. I went to Dr. Schulman here in NYC who is known for his BBL's and he said I did not have enough fat to make a difference. I was surprised and so disappointed. I was not interested in a huge rear that you see on tv, just wanted something tasteful, and natural that fits my body. I consulted with 3 other doctors here in NYC but was not convinced. Dr. Del vechhio said he could do it but I would most likely end up with loose skin on my tummy. I wasn't interested in having another problem. He is known for his very aggressive lipos. Also he suggested I have a scar revision from my previous tt to remove the dog ears which I already knew I needed. Anyway I started looking elsewhere. Florida and DR were not options for me since it almost seems like a hit or miss. I saw Dr. Hughes reviews on real self and his before and afters and that he performs the surgery with minimal incisions. I emailed him on a Sunday and was surprised when he emailed me a few hours later. After many questions which he promptly responded to, I set a date for my surgery and a deposit. His patient coordinator Lorena was annoying to deal with. Be prepared for the phone to "accidentally" cut off when your speaking to her, rx that she "sends" by mail never received, and emails that take her a while to respond. Truthfully can't understand how Dr. Hughes responds quicker than she does you would think she was the busy surgeon. Anyway, I flew into LAX with my cousin 9/15/16 morn for surgery scheduled 9/16/16. Got to lax and went directly to his office. As I walked in to his office I became overwhelmed and on the verge of panic. Lol! It's one thing to plan things but then when it's actually happening it's overwhelming especially when your not even close to home. So I met with Dr. Hughes and he is different from the doctors in NYC or at least what I am used to. Dr. Hughes is for a lack of a better word "rough". During the consult he said he would be able to get enough fat to give me good results. He also saw my dog ears and said I'm going to fix that for you so you don't need to have a scar revision. After consult went over to pay my balance with Lorena. Someone called asking for her, she picks up the phone and says "Oh Lorena is not in right now can I take a message. She hangs up looks at me and says HA, HA, HA I can't believe I did that in front of you! UGH!!! Anyway...Day of my surgery, anxiety was sky high on the verge of a nervous breakdown. When I walked in to Dr. Hughes office I was greeted by his lovely parents. Then a patient from NY came in for her post op visit and we started talking and it eased a little of the anxiety. Dr Hughes RN Robson is sooooo sweet he helped ease my anxiety tremendously. I was good after dealing with him. Can't say the same for the anesthesiologist who is a douche bag saying an inappropriate comment right before I went to sleep. And in case he should happen to read this "Me cago en la Madre que te pario a ti" as they also say here in NY ;). Getting back to Dr. Hughes and my results. Sadly not what I expected have lumps in my stomach that need to be fixed. Recovery from BBL is brutal. My cousin was with me but then had to fly back home on the 2nd day. Lucky for me I met Lena a nurse the day of my surgery.Lena, is the sweetest, attentive, kindest person I have ever met and So professional. It's essential to have support after surgery and she is sooo amazing. I would call her when I needed something and she would come to my hotel room to help me. I got lucky meeting her. If you are alone, definitely call her. I flew home 4 days after, Flight was Brutal.

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