Do not get Restylane or fillers here if you are not MADE OF MONEY

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New York Oculoplastic Surgeon

Chelsea Eye & Cosmetics is a complete rip off if you don't live and make a Manhattan salary. I went there for help with my skin. I was recommended fillers instead. The fillers did almost next to nothing, the Restylane effects lasted maybe a few days. They followed up and I told them I was unhappy with the results, I even felt my eyes looked droopier than before by a few weeks later. The woman on the phone said if people are unsatisfied they may give another injection for free when they analyze the after photographs. When I came in, both nurses admitted my eyes did not look any better after the photographs. But of course they make remarks like "well we will start to build collagen now" to be optimistic. I told them I was upset I wasted $1,600 on injections I don't even see, while I originally went in there to take care of acne scars on my skin. I went for my recheck and photographs with hopes that a second round (of free injection) would hold, as they said it would. Of course when I got there, it was no longer free. She offered to do it for $300 instead of the $800 I originally paid for a full syringe. She said "oh no, nothing is free here I don't know who told you that on the phone". I was convinced into doing it in addition to the skin laser that I originally went there for because I didn't want my 2.5 hour trip to NYC to be a complete waste (and thought maybe this $300 would make the last $1,600 not a complete waste). She said that the second time is almost guaranteed to see a difference because of the collagen that has been built. Well, wrong, another waste of money. They knew I was unhappy when I left and it is funny how they didn't even call to check up on me after that last appointment (even though I got a new procedure, a laser, which they didn't even call to see how I was doing) probably knowing I wouldn't be going back there unless they promised a free correction. They knew I only had $2,000 on my carecredit and I had to go over it just to do the laser that was the only procedure I originally wanted (and now I can't afford to do the 2nd and 3rd laser treatment like I was supposed to). This place might be fine if you have $800 to spend on fillers every few weeks until you are satisfied or even notice a slight difference (mind you, for something that only lasts 3-6 months anyways, and mine barely had any effect at all), but if you don't have that don't go here. I am not sure if it was the technique of the filler placement or just incorrect advisement of how much I would need to even notice a difference. Anyways, totally unhappy with the experience. Paying off mounds of debt now because I was recommended useless fillers.

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