Do not recommend this office for fillers - Miami, FL

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I’m going to start off by stating that aside from the fillers which I am leaving this review for, I also had another procedure done with Dr. Careaga which I am satisfied with. He is a great plastic surgeon; however, I strongly advise anyone who is considering having any sort of fillers done in this office to THINK TWICE and do your research. I was talked into getting cheek fillers during my initial consultation. I was quoted a price for Voluma and signed and paid for the product, only to receive a call a few days before I was scheduled to have the fillers done letting me know they gave me the wrong price and it would actually cost me $300 more. They also explained that there was a similar product called “Restylane lyft” which would have the same results for the price they originally quoted me. I went ahead and had the Restylane lyft fillers done, and after a week or two once the swelling was completely gone, my face looked exactly as it did before the fillers. I contacted the office and sent them pictures, and they agreed to give me a small discount for the second syringe because the first one did not work on me. Hoping to see results, I had the second round of fillers done and still, nothing changed. At this point Alex (the Dr’s PA who was the one that did the fillers for me) agreed that the change was very minimal so they would give me a third syringe free of charge. You would think after 3 syringes there would be SOME kind of difference but there was none. I contacted the office to let them know and it’s been a little over a month and til this day I have not heard back from them yet I am stuck with a bill of $1,100 for fillers that did not work. I have heard of Dr’s offices diluting products to get the most of it while still charging patients full price and I strongly believe this is the case with this office. Since this nightmare, I went to another office and after just ONE syringe of the same product I saw and still have the results I was looking for, that says a lot.. Please be careful and always look at the packaging. Make sure the syringes are opened IN FRONT of you and that you see everything they are doing with it before they inject you.

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