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It is unfortunate that I have to write this review because I really trusted and had a lot of faith in Dr. Mabourakh. I am 5'5 and 135 lbs, and decided to have a tummy tuck procedure with lipo on my hips, and honestly this surgery was a disaster. I look far worse now than I did going into the procedure. My surgery was right after his lunch hour so i'm not sure if he had a case of the Zzzz's after eating, but I just feel as though he didn't take the preparation immediately prior to surgery seriously. Basically, I came out of surgery with a crooked scar that was entirely too long, a wide gap opening in the center that looks disgusting, an abnormal looking belly button, I still have an inflated stomach, and DOG EARS!!! I had the surgery post pregnancy. I was already a pretty confident person, but now my self-esteem has gone down and I am completely embarrassed by this decision to have this surgery. This has to be my biggest regret in life, and I honestly believe I would have been just fine without the surgery. I brought these concerns to Dr. Mabourakh, and the only thing he could offer me was a small discount on a revision surgery????? I paid almost $9k on this surgery that he screwed up and he wants me to pay him a slightly lower amount to fix it???

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