If you're nervous to get your lips done go to Dr. Calloway

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If you've been thinking about getting your lips done but are nervous Dr. Calloway is your guy. Coming from someone who doesn't like needles, has a low pain tolerance, gets fever blisters from any trauma to the lip, is apprehensive of downtime, was scared that I would turn out with overly dramatic lips and has never had a cosmetic procedure before you can trust me. I went with juvederm which is the best for my age and what i wanted (26). Pain Level to expect: Their numbing creme is the bomb. I have had friends in the past tell me injections hurt like a b*** so I was overwhelmingly relieved at how little it hurt. I even told him as he was doing it that I had my eyebrows threaded that morning and I swear the eyebrows hurt worse then a lip injection. If I can do it you can do it. Plus, it's super quick. (5 -8 mix max) If you don't like needles like me just close your eyes the whole time, works like magic. O, and the juvederm they inject has numbing creme in it so the more pricks the less you feel. Downtown and rate of change: Dr. Calloway will let you buy a full syringe up front and then keep it for you (for up to 6 months) so you can break it into as many sessions as you want. I personally broke it into three sessions over two months and each time I had slim to zero swelling or bruising (I had a little bruise the first time but just covered it up with some Kylie dark plum lipstick and you're good) and was able to go right back into work. No one noticed a change unless I told them and even then it was very subtle. Price: From the friends I've talked to who have had their lips done, it sounds like you can find a cheaper option if money is an issue. Personally, if I am going to trust someone with altering my face money is the least of my concerns. I think my syringe was a little over $700 but if you break that into three sessions like I did, it's around $233 a session. My friend got her lips done elsewhere for $480 but she only had one session to use what she wanted of the syringe so she used half (nervous like me) so technically she paid more for less. What I suggest for prep: No Asprin or any sort of blood thinners a week before, it'll increase your chance of bruising. Don't go out binge drinking the night before either (not from personal experience but advice from a friend..). Bring in pictures of what you want, this will help. If you are prone to fever blisters, let them know before hand and take medicine (if you don't have any you can get it from a GP or maybe even Dr. C, but not sure) the day before and day of, works like a charm. What I would do differently next time: Now that I know how easy it is, I'll probably split my syringe into two sessions. They say it lasts a year and because I broke it into different sessions it will deflate slower then normal but I'm only a day past my last session so can't speak to that yet. I will likely go back in over the next six months to maintain. Hope this helps. :)

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