MY labiaplasty story.

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San Antonio OB/GYN

Dr Hailparn is the nicest, most caring, smarest, and compassionate doctor I have ever met! Dr hailparn takes her time with you 1 on 1 from the inital consult (Over 2 hour consult!), all the way until the end after your surgery. Her personality never changes. She explains everything in such detail. In ways you understand clearly, she also really wants to please you, and for you to make educated desicions. She is oozing with knowledge! She enriches you with it every second your around her. She seems trustworthy from a mile away. She also teaches OTHER doctors about labiaplasty! (How awesome is that!) I felt so educated and in such good hands the entire time. She is so very well experienced in cosmetic GYN services. She is a true gift of god to labiaplasties! I have spent months trying to find someone for a revision, and let me say have never seen pictures by other doctors that even compare to her work! She has BOOKS of pictures! (How neat!) She offers to let you speak with past clients! She gives you a gift bag full of everything you need. EVERYTHING! I had a bilateral (both sides) labiaplasty revision with Dr H. I had my original surgery in July by a doctor (eye roll to the Dr part) in Austin who I was referred to by another plastic surgeon. To say my first experience was a NIGHTMARE is a UNDERSTATMENT! I was awake the entire time, the local anesthesic BURNED, it also swoll me up like a balloon, I bled profusely, i healed with a band over my clitoris and a hole! (Yes HOLE! Yep eye roll comment again) my labia were still long and pigmented and now thick and full of scars... Fast forward to my surgery day, everything went swiftly, and flawlessly! You are asleep the whole time! (So nice) You wake up on pain meds and blocks she admins during surgery.. So no pain! I woke up to the sweetest nurses, i still cant believe that I had-have NO bruising! NO swelling, and VERY little, to NO pain IMMEDIATELY post op! (Nuts!) My labia are now BEAUTIFUL! (And now so perfectly tiny!;) THE ANSWER IS YES LADIES, AND PARENTS OF YOUNG GIRLS SUFFERING FROM CHRONIC LABIA ISSUES CALL HER! MAKE THE APPOINTMENT! AND DON'T TRUST YOUR BODY TO JUST ANYONE, CHOOSE WISELY, CHOOSE DR HAILPARN! SHE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE, OR YOUR DAUGHTERS. I HAVE SUFFERED WITH LABIA ISSUES AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER, AND NOW FINALLY AT 24, AFTER A REVISION, I FEEL BEAUTIFUL, "NORMAL", AND SO CONFIDENT IN MY SKIN! (hello skinny dipping, and steaking! Ha joke) DR HAILPARN, IF YOU READ THIS YOU CHANGED MY LIFE, AND I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I hope every girl seeking this surgery finds you, or someone just like you! Your the BEST! Xoxo -S 11.18.16

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