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Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon

When I came to Dr. Eppley, my face was a mess. And I don’t mean messed up by birth - I mean my face was messed up by some bad plastic surgeons. I had not one, not two, but three failed chin implants. The first was made from ePTFE which was hand carved and made little to no difference, the second was silicone and looked nice but was highly mobile (I could push it around and sometimes it would feel like a nerve was being pressed on), the third was Medpor and looked ridiculously bad. Strangers would come up to me and ask what happened…as if I had been in a horrible accident. I also had jaw implants that I was told looked like “grapes in your mouth” by the surgeon that inserted them himself. Turns out I had a torn masseter muscle and that was why the implant was poking through. No surgeon near me wanted to touch me. And trust me, I tried to find one. I even consulted with a fancy Beverly Hills doctor that charged nearly $400 just to see me. Meanwhile, I kept reading answers from Dr. Eppley and starting to see his name pop up everywhere. I even combed through his blog and found his interesting and detailed posts. I sent my pictures and Dr. Eppley responded within a few hours with his observations and potential treatments. Not only did he quickly see the issues I was concerned about, he didn’t shy away from the idea of a difficult surgery. Plastic surgeons willing to operate on a patient for the first time are a dime a dozen but ones that are interested in repairing the bad work of other surgeons are extremely rare. I didn’t live anywhere close to Indianapolis but after looking up hotels + flights, it cost me less than $600 total to fly out for the surgery. Seeing as though some plastic surgeons charge nearly that much just to see a patient, I figured it was well worth the price. His staff were awesome and made the whole thing seamless. They even handled the transportation to and from the hotel. Looking back, I have no regrets (okay, maybe I should have went with Dr. Eppley to begin with, but besides that). Seeing his new posts and case studies featuring new techniques remind me what a good decision I made. He’s not only an extremely kind and caring human being, but a world-class surgeon.

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