NOT happy with Dr.Duran!!

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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Duran because of the amazing results she can deliver. Even though I am ok with my results She needs some bedside manners. My surgery was performed on September 16th 2016. I arrived On the 14th the day she came back from vacation And that day was a waste. So it starts like this...First off that entire office needs some major organization if you think your calls are not being answered because the secretaries don't get off the phone with possible clients you are WRONG!!!! ... anywho... as my name gets called to finally meet the famous Dra. Hilario Duran I got extremely nervous because I held her at a really high standard but that quickly changed. She was extremely cold, yelled at one of her assistants for not having the SD card to take pictures which made me feel even more uncomfortable and brushed me off fairly quickly. Got some blood work done and chest X-ray ...I thought "ok, maybe she just got back from vacation" No... on the 16th day of the surgery I arrive to her office 6:30am ... first one there, I still needed cardiologist and because I was an ex smoker now I also needed to see a pulmonologist ... $100.00 dollars. I get everything done I go back to her office, she tells me to undress for the markings. She didn't care what I wanted and wish pics where out of the question. She said she would do what she can and that's ok but Can i speak? Nope!!! At that point I got really nervous but so my husband wouldn't say "I told u so" didn't even mention it. We paid $5100. That covered my surgery, the insurance, and the faja that was with the $250 deposit already deducted. I went into surgery around 5 pm finished around 9pm I was definitely the last one, Saturday morning Dra Duran shows up around 10 am in jogging outfit and discharged me, she was there less that 3 min spoke extremely fast and didn't care to ask and see how I was feeling! Believe ME... at that moment when you wake up from surgery you are going to want your doctor to at least pretend your not only $$$ to them. As I waited in the office for revisions i noticed how ARROGANT she is and that point I just wanted OUT OF DR... I developed a burn from surgery which she send me for the oxygen chamber $150 more..As my journey in the Dr was finally coming to an end or so I thought I get sick with a cold and extremely high fevers my recovery house( princess recovery) take me back to Cipla. I was then admitted and started on IV Antibiotics, at this point my husband was back in the states and I was alone. Duran comes in the next morning and tells me to stand and open my faja ... she looks at my belly and booty and proceeds to say "all I care is that my product doesn't damage" REALLY... REALLY... I broke down and just cried and cried ... she said you come by my office Monday and I'll let you know when you can leave my husband seeing the circumstance decided to return to Dr. the entire trip came to almost 10,000.00 ;( With much persuasion from my part to her assistant I was able to fly back home on Tuesday October 4th. Bottom line is this; it takes a lot for us to get all this money all the paper work, the mental and physical stress we put ourselves through for months even years and then be treated this way ... FOOL ME ONCE!

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