Looking Great Without a Facelift - New York, NY

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Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon

I am a 60+ year old physician who would normally be an ideal candidate for a facelift. However that was my last choice for facial enhancement. Whenever I have seen someone with a facelift I could always tell that they had the procedure. There is something artificial about them. Facelifts essentially tighten the skin that has been stretched and fallen. The surgery removes the excess skin and tightens the face. I wanted something done that would be more natural and reversed the aging process. As we age we loose fat. Part of any procedure should involve a replacement of the lost fat volume with filler. The skin can be tightened by, radiofrequency, laser and ultrasound. The skin needs to smoothed with resurfacing. I needed someone who shared my goals of the non surgical facelift. Fortunately I met Dr. Shelton and we discussed my desire for the non surgical facelift. He told me that he could produce a dramatic improvement in my face gradually through a combination of multiple tightening and resurfacing procedures combined with dermal filler. The process began about a year ago. After every procedure I looked better and was always encouraged to take the next step. My face looks great and natural for my age. When I tell people how old I am look nobody can believe me. They think I look at least 20 years younger than my chronological age. Younger patients can have these procedures done on a maintenance basis to slow the aging process. If you are interested in a gradual multi step process of facial enhancement that makes you look naturally younger then I would strongly recommend Dr. Ron Shelton.

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