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So Far so good! - Miami, FL

Mommy Makeover

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12 Nov 2016

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So Far so good! - Miami, FL

I am 5'3, 160 lbs. I have had 2 csections and body is horrible. I have been wanting to do a mommy makeover forever! After much research, I came across Dr Ortega at Spectrum. I sent an email and Liz, a coordinator replied back the next day asking for pics. She was very attentive and for me a quote back quickly. I will be getting an extended tummy tuck with lipo to the flanks with silicone breast augmentation. My surgery date is March 13, 2017. Liz referred me to New Life Recoerry for 9 days, 8 nights. Since I will be traveling by myself, I agreed to book there. Upon much research, it seems to be so much conflicting information regarding these recovery houses. I have seen some good reviews and some bad reviews about all of them. Hard to decipher what's legit and what's not. Hopefully I will have a great stay there. I will keep you all updated on my journey! Blessings to you all!