Can't take my eyes off of my new nose.

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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

My friend had a nose job last summer and her nose was literally transformed. I seriously couldn't stop looking at her because 1. She became so much prettier 2. I was amazed at how a rhinoplasty can change the whole face so dramatically. I always thought we had a similar nose shape so I had to ask who did her nose and that's how I found Dr. Yoo. I still went to other surgeons for consultations but in the end, I chose Dr. Yoo. I've decided to post a review here because it seems like there are many people who are contemplating about getting a rhinoplasty are also having trouble finding the right surgeon. My answer to you would be GO FOR IT and if you decide to do so, choose DR. YOO I had consultations with 5 other surgeons in Beverly Hills/Koreatown area and by far, Dr. Yoo was the youngest, busiest and most knowledgeable of all. He knew exactly what I wanted, what would look good with my other facial features, showed me morphed images and explained about the grafts/methods he will be using. Dr. Yoo used diced cartilage wrapped it in fascia to build my bridge taller and an alar base reduction to reduce the width of my nose. Honestly, the first couple of weeks weren't the best time of my life because the rib area was uncomfortable and my nose was super swollen but now that it's been few months, I see the difference. My flat, short nose became tall and narrow. Before my nosejob, I used to contour my nose and thought it looked okay but the sad thing about it was that it still looked flat from the side. Now, I don't even have to contour my nose anymore because I have a tall bridge you can notice from any angle! I definitely get more attention when I go out and I'm loving every moment of it. It's been 4 months and I am so in love with my nose. The best part is that it's only gonna become more natural as the swelling goes down over time. I would say the scarring from rib incision is very minimal. At first there were stitches about an inch long right below my right breast but now it's invisible since the incision was on the crease of my boob. It's fully healed and I can't see or feel any difference from before the surgery. I wear bikinis and plunge tops all the time and people never notice any scars. The fascia incision area didn't hurt much from the beginning and I could cover it with my hair so that was good. I'm so glad my recovery has been fairly easy and I can't wait for my nose to reach its final shape. Dr. Yoo is THE guy for your nose.

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