My Go-To Doctor For Life! If You're Struggling with Scars, Look No Further Than Dr. Emer

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Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon

FINALLY, in a land of phony physicians, I have found THE DOCTOR to go to for all things cosmetic! I am so grateful I have found this gem and his exceptional staff. Unlike the multitude of doctors I had seen prior to Dr. Emer, Dr. Emer genuinely cares more about giving his patients effective solutions than he does recommending services that benefit his own pocketbook. If you are considering making any type of cosmetic enhancement, I highly recommend you give Dr. Emer a visit. I only wish I had found him sooner. I have acne scars and several scars on my body that have always made me incredibly self-conscious. Before finding Dr. Emer, I had tried micro needling and fraxel laser at Dr. Laser, as well as E-Matrix laser with Dr. Raffy Karamanoukian (neither of which I would recommend for scar treatment therapy). I wasted thousands and thousands of dollars I really don't have and was incredibly discouraged by my lack of results. I came across Dr. Emer's reviews by chance on RealSelf and decided I owed it to myself to try one last approach, and I am so very, VERY grateful that I did. In my consultation with Dr. Emer, I immediately sensed that I was in the hands of someone who was not only exceptionally capable at treating the concerns I had, but also someone that I could genuinely trust--a complete and total rarity in a city like Los Angeles (I would know--I used to work for a famous celebrity cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills and saw truly shady things I wish I hadn't). Unlike every other doctor I had been to who barely looked at my scars before hastily recommending whatever was in their inventory just to get my business, Dr. Emer listened to each and every concern I had intently, and provided a thoughtful and comprehensive solution to each one. He spent a significant amount of time with me explaining everything and answering my questions thoroughly, never once making me feel rushed or pressured. You literally could not feign the level of sincerity and genuine care that Dr. Emer so blatantly has for his patients if you tried--he unmistakably loves what he does, and he wants his patients to leave feeling restored, confident, and whole. As soon I met him, I felt very reassured that I was in the best hands I could possibly be in, insomuch that I wanted to proceed with treatment that very day even though I hadn't originally planned on it. It was already late (I was the very last appointment of the day), yet Dr. Emer and his staff accommodated me despite the hour so I could proceed with treatment that day. When I told him I had been doing the E-matrix laser during my consultation, he exclaimed it is the ONE LASER in his vast collection of lasers that he got rid of a long time ago, as it is one of the least effective lasers out there. This is significant, because Dr. Emer has more specialty lasers than just about any other cosmetic clinic in the country, and for him to get rid of something, it must mean it was truly that ineffectual (which explains why I barely saw any results). Many of the lasers he carries are only available in other countries outside of the U.S., which is one of many reasons people fly from all over the world to get treatment with him. He proceeded to suggest a simple yet customized plan utilizing a series of methods that would be best tolerated for my skin type and level of sensitivity. My first treatment included two different laser treatments I had not yet tried before, as well as subcision to certain scars that were deeper on my forehead. Interestingly, other doctors I saw before Dr. Emer waved me off when I wanted to discuss subcision with them, even when I had done my research and thought it was something that could really benefit me. I don't know if this was because lasers alone are much more profitable and these other doctors were just thinking about their own wallet, or if it is just because very few physicians even know how to perform it, but the subcision alone has yielded me such a significant improvement already. I am ESTATIC with my results. After just one appointment with Dr. Emer, I can see probably an 80% improvement in the deepest acne scars I had on my forehead that were my biggest concern. It is REMARKABLE. I never ever thought this could even be possible. I see more results in my ONE TREATMENT with Dr. Emer than I did with all the E-matrix, micro needling, and fraxel treatments I have had over the years COMBINED (about 15 treatments total). What is even more exciting, this is just the beginning of my treatment and things are only going to get better and better. One of the laser treatments I did was quite painful, but thankfully Dr. Emer will happily call a prescription in from the pharmacy downstairs and/or allow you to numb longer so you are most comfortable and getting the most out of your treatment. In my painful laser treatments with the physician who was performing E-Matrix, this physician would never give me anything to help me with the pain, even though the pain was excruciating for me. This physician also tried RUSHING me through my numbing once so he could get to his other patients, and proceeded to start my treatment after just 15 measly minutes of numbing! I was crying and in so much pain that he barely even treated me because I literally could not handle it. In stark comparison, Dr. Emer wants you to get the best possible results for your expense, and goes out of his way to make sure you are as comfortable as possible in the process so that can happen. In terms of scar removal, Dr. Emer is the absolute best at what he does and is another category far exceeding that of his peers and colleagues. His staff is so kind and accommodating--from holding my hand through the treatment, to covering me with a blanket while I was numbing up and freezing cold, to helping me retrieve my car out of the garage after hours when the parking staff had left for the weekend--I truly cannot say enough great things about this doctor and the people who work for him. I will be returning to Dr. Emer for follow-up treatment, as well as for anything else cosmetic I am interested down the road. I encourage anyone struggling with scars or wanting cosmetic enhancement to go see this man, and will be encouraging my family and friends to do so as well. You will NOT regret it!

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