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Best derm in Beverly Hills

Clear & Brilliant


Doctor Review

4 Oct 2016

1 day ago

Best derm in Beverly Hills

Dr. Emer is the best dermatologist in Beverly Hills. He specializes in lasers, fillers and liposuction. I have gone to Jason for skin care (clear & brilliant laser), lips, botox and fillers. I have done over 5 or 6 clear & brilliants with Jason since Dec 2015 and my skin is flawless. My first visit to Dr. Emer was because my skin was horrible and I wanted to go on Accutane but was worried about the side effects. He suggested Clear & Brilliant and I am so thankful! Dr. Emer always has time to explain everything, provide his best advice and is a true artist . I have had bad results prior to meeting Dr. Emer and I will never go to anyone but him ever again !