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wish I had choose another doctor


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27 Nov 2016

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wish I had choose another doctor - East Texas, PA

I have liposuction done in Aug, its now almost 4 months post. Im very disappoint with the result and the whole process. Lizbeth Perez was my surgical coordinator, she provide no help at all, I have to call/email her several time in order get her to reply. Thanks to RealSelf, I pretty much figured out what I should prepared from this website. I stayed one week in Miami, never see her nor she called. first day took uber to the office to make a full payment and next day I finally talked to Dr Mel T. Ortega before surgery , he seems like nice person but he is too busy and he didn't lipo the areas that we both agreed during the pre surgical consultation. I received one phone call from the aftercare nurse (didn't get her name) on the second day after lipo, according to the his office assistant Kathy told me Dr Ortega doesn't not see patient for post visit unless if any complication. Luckily I don't have any, but I still insist to see him to discuss my lipo areas, so I was left in the cold room half naked for 4+ hrs on my third day. Overall it's was not a nice experience, Lipo treatments were missed in some area due to the rush. I wish I had choose another doctor when i notice the lack of exerience and care from the coordinator