Best BBl and breast implant experience! Fast recovery! Amazing results.

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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr J doesn't only make everybody look perfect, he spends his time with patients and making them feel safer than ever. I got breast implants and bbl done at same time about 4 weeks ago, and words cannot describe how happy how satisfied I am with my results. I told Dr. j I wanted an extra curve and he did exactly what I wanted. He listens to you and works with you and he makes you feel so warm and comfortable. He also has the best jokes. Me and my family love visiting him he always makes us laugh. After I got my surgery done, i didn't have crazy amount of pain even tho I got multiple procedures it really wasn't bad at all. I went to my follow up last week which was my 3 week recovery and I had no bruising or scarring. My body looked so perfect and even swelling was down alooooot. I just couldn't believe it was my body. Looked to good to be true. Dr J always made me feel so comfortable and he always took care of me so well. He also gave me free extra foams and and when he saw my waist trainer got dirty he gave me another one for free. He is so sweet and he definitely knows how to make his patients overly satisfied. Michelle works with Dr J at his office and she's the best and sweetest! She's so cute she's always helping out with everything and I can trust her with anything. She's very caring and she always makes me feel comfortable to be there and I just enjoy being around her and being there they all give me great positive vibes. Daria as well, she's the best she's so quick and responds to every email fast. She'll answer any question and perscribe all the pills. She's very helpful and she makes sures you're okay. Overall dr j and his team are amazing and they always always make sure you're okay and doing well! They all make you feel very safe and at home. The first time I ever visited his office I knew he was the one, all the good vibes I felt and the way they treated me was the most thing I cared about. Literally right after he was finished with my surgery he was sitting there waiting for me to wake up just to ask me if I'm doing okay. He is soooo cute! I was so happy and felt much safer. He's amazing truly. He even took 8 hours with me during surgery. He spent extra hours just to make me look perfect !! And wow he damn right made me look perfect! He changed my life , my confidence. After surgery, He always gave me calls and even stopped by my house to check up on me, he was constantly making sure I was doing well, there was no problems. This is what You should look for in every surgeon!! This is how every surgeon should be with their patients !! Always spending much time with their patients ! I truly appreciate that. There's nothing more you can want. He's so perfect at his work, he does artistic sculpting it's amazing what figures he creates on people and the curves he sculpts. He sees everybody as art and makes them look perfect!!! I found him on Instagram and I couldn't believe the photos I saw so I followed him on snapchat and he shows all his work on there as well. I recommend dr J 10000000000%%% pick him now! He will not only make you look perfect but you will be in safeeee hands! He has the hands of god ! And you will recover fast, and be super satisfied with your results I promise!!! Your swelling goes down so fast it's unbelievable. He's the real deal,the only surgeon you can trust!! I wish I can give him 1 million stars instead of 5 !! Lol follow him on his Instagram and snapchat to view more of his work! Actions will show you!! :)) I'm super happy with my breasts and body everyday I wake up so happy and I thank Dr. J and his team for being there for me! Always looking out for me and treatin me with the best service. They truly are amazing!! Love you guys!!! ❤️

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