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Spain Plastic Surgeon

I decided to undergo and have buttock implants because I realised I couldn't squat for the rest of my life and although I worked out regularly I wasn't getting the results I wanted so it was quite disheartening. I researched around and didn't find any London surgeons I could trust but managed to find DR Aslani who performs surgeries in Spain. The thought of the surgery itself was quite scary and doing it abroad made it more frightening but I was adamant I want it so contacted Dr Aslani's Cirumed clinic via email and wishing a few hours one one his coordinators (Marina) contacted me and it all went from there... Planning the surgery date and hotel was made very easy as they were so thorough with all the information they gave. I was given a quote and hotel recommendations and was advised to stay in Marbella for 2 weeks to ensure I heal well before travelling back to London. They also gave me a package for a driver (Hugo) who was the most helpful person taking me to all the appointments once I got to Marbella and picked me up from the airport upon arrival and dropped me off to the airport on my last day. I advise taking this package as not only do you save loads of money by booking a taxi but they have a professional driver who is familiar with the procedure and has a massive car which you can lay fully on your front after surgery to get to all of your appointments. Surgery date approached (31st October 2016) I was so nervous and before I knew it I was at the first one on the list. I was taken down to the theatre spoke to the doctor (for the second time as we had a Skype consultation) and he made me feel very relaxed and I remembered how much I've been looking forward to getting this op Straight out of surgery .... I had no pain whatsoever because the doctor made sure he numbed me from my back so for the first couple of days I had no pain.... I normally have a really bad reaction to anaesthetic and this time was no different. I was kept overnight at the hospital which was so helpful the nurses checked up on me regularly and made sure I was on the right drips to get me through the night. I was sick a few times and really drowsy but kept reminding myself why I went through all of this. By day 3 the pain kicked wasn't bad pain but more of an ache like I had done the worlds hardest workout and now I was suffering. I had drains on each side for the first week which made life hard but it was necessary to ensure I don't have internal bleeding. I had a few post op's each of which the staff were amazing. My nurse Miriam was the sweetest and she was so gentle taking my drains out and I spoke to the surgeon 7 days post op and he was happy with the results. My stitches were taken out 10 days after my op and that didn't hurt either. This was done by Mrs Aslani and she was also very gentle and told me how to look after my scar the best way possible. Day 14 and I'm off home...feel like I've come so far from day 1 where I thought it would take a long long time until I'm better. This surgery isn't for the faint hearted but it's really not as gruesome as some people make out. Everyone has a different pain threshold but as long as you take your pain killers and antibiotics and lay on your front for as long as advised then you should be totally fine. I considered this operation for over 2 years and not until I read reviews on Dr Aslani and saw his work and spoke to him I was sure I wanted to go and get my booty. So happy with the results...and it's only the beginning. Can't wait until 2months post op where I'm all better. I'll be posting pictures up then also. Thank you to Dr Aslani and his team at Cirumed. If I had to do all of this all over again I would with the exact same surgeon and team.

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