My Six Month Botox Routine

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I started getting Botox in 2004 and have gone...

I started getting Botox in 2004 and have gone every six months for the past three years. The first time I had it done, I was hooked. There are a few spas in my area that administer Botox but I am more comfortable going to my dermatologist. I have been seeing her for adult acne treatments since 2000 so I trust her. I didn’t need to shop around. I basically walked in and asked about it one day, made the appointment, and had it done a week later. I have never had negative effects from the 7-8 times I’ve had Botox. I am getting used to the injections and I no longer freak out about them. The injections don’t hurt; it is more of a mental thing to overcome. I have only tried the injections in my glabellar lines. At 35 this is the only problem area on my face and with Botox I don’t have to worry about it. Treatments usually take three days to take full effect and after that they will last 3-4 months. I give my face a break for a few months and then I go back for more Botox. I have a routine now and it is a normal part of my summer and Christmas holiday prep. Most people who see me don’t know I have had anything done unless I tell them. People will say that I look relaxed or younger when I have Botox but not “you look fake,” which I’m happy about.
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