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Can Retin-A or Hydroquinone Be Used on the Eyelids?

Can you use Retin-A and/or Hydroquinone on the eyelids? What should you do if you experience severe dryness? READ MORE

What is a Good Morning and Night Regimen with Retin a and Hydroqinone?

I use retina and a hydroquinone/retina compound from doctor(alternating nights). I take 100 mg of spironalactone daily. Its been a month now, and I do... READ MORE

I'm already using Retin-A 0.025 and wish to add Hydroquinone 2% to diminish dark spots. Can I use Hydroquinone in the morning?

I've been using RetinA 0.025% for years (3 to 6 days/week at bedtime) and would like to add Murad serum (with 2% hydroquinone) to help diminish dark... READ MORE

Retin A in summer, alternating with Hydroquinone 4%. Can I use them at the same time?

Do you advise continuing using Retin A in the summer months, even if I don't stay out in the sun , sunbathing, and wear a good zinc oxide sunscreen?... READ MORE

Retin-A and Hydroquione to Under Eyes Created Hollowness, Is It Permanent?

I made a bad decision to apply Retin A and Hydroquione to my under eyelids and I believe it caused some of the areas to hollow. I used it every other... READ MORE

Concerned About HQ, Want to Stop Obagi Nuderm. Is It Ok? (photo)

Hi, 3 days ago I started Obagi Nuderm. I started peeling a lot with redness and stinging. I'm 30, southeast asian but my great grandfather is dutch.... READ MORE

How long we can use Retinol Complex and Hydroquinone cream?

I have been using SkinMedica Retinol Complex .75% with Hydroquinone 8% for a year. Is this true should not use these for a long period of time READ MORE

Tretinoin (0.125%) Combined with Hydroquinone (2%) for Acne, Breaking Out Worse Than Before, Normal?

Hi. I'm gilbert 18 years of age and just started using a solution of tretinoin with hydroquinone.. at first i noticed that my pimples were dried... READ MORE

Which cream should I apply first?

I purchased 2 of Glycolix Elite Gly-Sal 10 Percent-2 Percent Pads, Hydroquinone 4% and Retin-A in which order should I apply the above creams to... READ MORE

I put hydroquinone cream on my eyelids. Is it causing blurry vision?

For the last couple of months I've been putting hydroquinone cream (10%) around my eyelids because they were exteremly dark. Now I notice my eyes get... READ MORE

Is it okay to use a kojic acid face wash and afterwards, use retinol mixed with hydroquinone at night?

Is it okay to use a kojic acid face wash and afterwards, use retinol mixed with hydroquinone at night? I am trying to lighten my skin. READ MORE

How Long Do Retin-A and Hydroquinone Stay in Your System?

My husband and I would like to start trying for a baby soon, but I know that many of the skincare products I use have warnings that they may cause... READ MORE

Ochronosis vs Rebound Hyperpigmentation with Hydroquinone / Retinin A use? (photo)

I have been using Hydroquinone + Retinin A for less than a year now. Within the last week only, I noticed what looked like a hyperpigmentation of my... READ MORE

Impact of Moisturizer on Effectiveness of Hydroquinone and Retin-A Micro?

Does applying a thick moisturizer such as Hydrolatum over an application of Hydroquinone 4% and Retin-A Micro .04% impact the effectiveness of the... READ MORE

What are the side effects from long term use of hydroquinone (7%) and Retin A?

Almost 20 years ago my cosmetic surgeon gave me a prescription for 7% hydroquinone and Retin A to get rid of acne scars. I loved the way it cleared up... READ MORE

Lasting Ability of Hydroquinone results?

I am a 21 year old caucasian female with healthy, fair skin. My dermatologist recently started me on 4% Hydroquinone to use with my Retin-A, to fade... READ MORE

What % of Retin-A to Use with 8% Prescribed Hydroquinone?

Hi my doctor prescribed me 8% hydroquinone, but neglected to give me some retin-A because I was probably butchering the pronunciation of its medical... READ MORE

What Can I Do for a Severe Reaction to Retin A?

Last week I was RX a combo of hydroquinone and tretinoin for treatment of melasma. I followed the instructions. On the 3rd day of use I was in bed all... READ MORE

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