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What Are Long Term Effects of Radiesse?

I had Radiesse injected about a year ago to augment my nose bridge and I was very happy with the results. Now, most of it has dissolved and I was... READ MORE

Can Granulomas from Radiesse Show Up 4 Months After Injections?

Four months after Radiesse injections in the eye hollows under the eyes and just above the lips, hard lumps have just now shown up. Is this the result... READ MORE

What Do I Do About Granuloma After Radiesse in Cheeks?

5 weeks ago I had 2 x 1.5ml radiesse injected in my cheeks and nasolabial folds. I think this was too much. For three weeks it was ok but I now have... READ MORE

Risk of Granulomas After Radiesse?

Is there a risk of granulomas months/ years after radiesse injection into n/L fold READ MORE

Will Radiesse granulomas eventually disappear?

I have a confirmed granuloma from Radiesse treatment. Will this eventually disappear, even if left untreated? READ MORE

Should I massage a granuloma?

Is it a good idea to massage a foreign body granuloma? I have one under my eye, diagnosed by a surgeon. My thinking is that by massaging, I may help... READ MORE

Could a granuloma in my cheek from Radiesse maybe a year ago dissolve on its own?

I had Radiesse injected in the hollows of my cheeks about a year ago, as well as a place on my chin. Last January my doctor had to incise the... READ MORE

Good doctor for dealing with granulomas in Manchester, Yorkshire, Newcastle, Birmingham, UK?

I have been diagnosed with a granuloma and am receiving some basic treatment. My doctor is brilliant, however is only comfortable with basic kenalog... READ MORE

I heard one of the side effect of Radiesse is granuloma, is it odds big?(how much probability)

I heard one of the side effect of Radiesse is granuloma, is it odds big?(how much probability) What is the difference between the granuloma and scar... READ MORE

I have a round,hard granuloma forming on my nose. It feels perfectly round & circular. Is hard to the touch.What do I do?(photo)

I was injected with Radiesse/Sculptra/Botox by two different practitioners. Each of them is blaming the other for the granuloma in the nose area and... READ MORE

Radiesse under eyes - inflammation or granuloma forming? At which point steroids?

. It has been 18 days since the infections the bump is less i volume but is still there in reddish color. It seems that this is inflammmatory response... READ MORE

Radiesse in lips/hydrofluoric acid?

Have there been any studies done on the affects of hydrofluoric acid used to break down the calcium buildup (granuloma) caused by the injection of... READ MORE

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