Does Zarona Work on Viseral Fat?

I lost 45 lbs and was told I needed to loose more weight becuz body contouring would not help me (my stomach area) becuz my fat is viseral fat?. I now weigh 170 and have been struggling to loose 10 more pds. (My ideal weight). I'm I a candidate for Zerona?

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Zerona and Viseral Fat

Dear Hot in Texas,

If you have been convinced that Zerona works on any fat (the laser pointer light is unable to penetrate through skin to "cause holes in fat cells"), then I guess you can be convinced by physicians who speak in terms of "activating biochemical changes in fat cells" that it would work on viseral fat.  In addition, if you wish to spend your hard earned money, go ahead, and then please let us know how it went.  If you are like the great majority of patients who have tried this technology then you will be among the 70% who are unhappy.  Good luck and be well.  Don't forget to drink the dietary supplement Curva.


Dr. P

Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Zerona and subcutaneous and visceral fat reduction

Although  Zerona laser light treatment can help subcutaneous fat cells (fat cells immediately beneath the skin) shrink in size, the light does not penetrate deeply enough to effect visceral fat (fat that is located in the abdominal cavity, beneath the abdominal muscles.  Niether liposuction nor abdominoplasty surgery will treat excess visceral fat.  Diet and exercise are the first line of treatment for this deeper fat deposit.  

Vincent D. Lepore, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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Does Zerona Work on Viseral Fat?

In MY opinion Zerona does not work on "regular", under the skin, fat much less on visceral fat, the fat INSIDE our abdomen. It is essentially the laser used in presentation laser pointers. If you think pointing such a pointer at your skin would magically melt your fat you need to mature a little.

It would have been very helpful if you posted a photograph or two. Most of us DO operate of people who are within 10 pounds of their ideal weight. So, unless there is a medical reason you were denied I would suggest you seek a second opinion.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Zerona does work

Zerona is a laser that doesn't melt fat. It activates a biochemical change in fat cells allowing them to give up stored fat. I've seen some impressive results with Zerona. The best way to know if you're a candidate is to have a consultation. It's very important to stay on a strict schedule during your treatment series for optimal results.

Kimberly Finder, MD
San Antonio Dermatologic Surgeon
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