After a Zerona Treatment, Does Fat Accumulate in the Same Places As It Would Have Prior to the Treatement?

I am wondering because one of the big reasons I would not consider liposuction for the 25lbs I can't seem to lose is that I don't want to alter my body's shape, and I know if you remove fat cells I could potentially gain weight differently in the future and possibly in a shape that is not as appealing. If you use the Zerona treatment and gain the weight back in the future, does everything come back just like before? Or do you alter those fat cells some how?

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Liposuction / Zerona causes fat to shift with weight gain!

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Hi CaneJB:  the very best use for any fat reduction modality whether cold therapy or liposuction is for treatment of localized fat deposits that distort an otherwise pleasing figure.  if you have 25 lb of fat that is distributed overall with a good figure shape that you do not want to change, these therapies are not for you!  unfortunately you will need to treat your figure the old fashioned way with diet and exercise (believe me i know how hard that is!).  when fat cells are removed (liposuction)  or destroyed (zerona (hopefully)) the area treated can still enlarge with fat if you gain weight but because there are fewer fat cells there to house the fat and enlarge, proportionately less fat will "settle"  in that problem area after your procedure and that will change the balance of your overall figure.  if you gain weight you will get proportionately larger gains in areas that were not treated and therefore your figure will change in balance.  some people get bigger breasts, some stomach, thighs or back.  the key is to be at your best and stable weight before treatment, limit treatment only to disproportionate areas of your figure and make sure that you don't make the mistake of weight gain after treatment (a common problem!).  if you don't gain weight after treatment, there is no new fat to settle anywhere!  these fat treatments are for refinement of your figure and not really for weight loss.  

best of luck to you! dr. h

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Zerona and Fat Redistribution

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Hi Cane JB,

I have not used Zerona on my patients because of it's very low patient satisfaction rate, the poor and unreliable science behind it, and the fact that many of the original "luminaries" who were given the device originally to use on their patients have shared with me their unsuccessful experiences.   I doubt that there will be an effect of relocation of fat as it has yet to be shown scientifically that Zerona affects fat for a period longer that 4 weeks.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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