What is Wrong with my Forehead. is Surgery an Option? (photo)

since i was born i have had a weird shaped forehead. people always comment about it and its really quite depressing. is there anything that can be done to help me get a more normal shape?

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Irregular forehead caused by supra orbital ridge bone.

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I have used a hairline incision to remove the Irregular forehead caused by supra orbital ridge bone for the past 35 years. This is done in such a way as to have a hair grow through the incision at the hairline. Access bone is removed to make smoother contour. You can go to my website for pictures of this.

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Forehead shape

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The forehead contour is due to boney prominences, you have frontal bossing and maybe some thicker bone above the depression. Surgery can improve on the shape of the forehead. This will require a bicoronal incision and shaving bone, and may be a graft to the depressed area to give a smooth contour.

Samir Shureih, MD
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There are some options to improve the contour of the forehead.

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Thanks for your question and for your photos.  There are a number of options to improve the contour of the forehead.  The pictures you provided are helpful, but there is no substitute for an in-person examination.  The first question to answer is if the irregular contour is due to bone that is irregular, or to soft tissue. And if it is bone, how thick is the bone over your frontal sinus?  A CT scan may be required to completely answer these questions. Options for improving the countour include:

1. soft tissue fillers

2. surgery to fix soft tissue irregularity

3. surgery to fix bony irregularity (burring down hyperostotic bone versus filling in bony defect with titanium mesh or with hydryoxyapetite cement)

The above may not all be options in your specific case.  Exam and testing can help determine which are appropriate options for you.  In any case, an experienced reconstructive surgeon should be able to help you.  Good luck.


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