Worried About Nipple 3 Days Post Op. Why Does It Look Like This? (photo)

Had full lift with removal old implant and new one placed in. I have my follow up this Wednesday. The left one is the one I am worried it is so purple.

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Be patient

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Although your right nipple is definitely congested compared to the left, there is little that can be done three days after the surgery.  More often than not, congested nipples will heal eventually and rarely require additional surgery.  Don't panic -- see your surgeon, but it is not an emergency.

Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Nipple Concerns?

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I agree with the other surgeons, call your surgeon ASAP and follow up with him personally.

Jonathan Weiler, MD
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon
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Worried About Nipple 3 Days Post Op. Why Does It Look Like This?

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As your photos demonstrate you have a real issue of right nipple/areolar viability, or in other words the N/A is in questionable survival. CALL your operative surgeon ASAP for examination and treatment. DO IT NOW!

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Nipple appearance 3 days postop

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Based on your photo, you may be experiencing a bloody supply issue to your R nipple areola complex.  Please see your PS right away for an evaluation. 

Your nipple needs immediate attention

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It appears that your left areola and nipple has problematic circulation compared to the right lighter pink areola and nipple.  Please see your surgeon today for an assessment.  If he / she is not available, see if the plastic surgeon for the region can assess you today.  There are many things that can alter the outcome of your left breast.  If the left breast is more swollen, you have some bleeding inside (a hematoma) that is putting pressure on the areola and affecting the circulation.  It can be drained and the venous congestion resolved.  The use of ASA, nitro paste and hyperbaric oxygen can be used if the problem is not enough arterial flow to the areola.  These treatments will minimize the long term injury to the affected areola and nipple.  In addition, if you have exposure to any form of nicotene, immediately remove yourself from that environnment.  Nicotene, even patches and second hand smoke, can severely affect the circulation to the surgical site.  Drink fluids if you are dehydrated.  Hopefully everything works out for the best.  Dr. Scott Barr

Scott Barr, MD
Sudbury Plastic Surgeon

NIpple viability issue

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If one nipple areola is discolored as compared to the other at this early point the way it appears in the photos.the main concern would be for nipple venous congestion which can lead to death of the nipple.  Call your surgeon immediately to be evaluated.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Discolored areola after breast lift (photo)

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Call your surgeon RIGHT AWAY, and text a photo showing your discolored areola. This is a development he or she MUST know about as soon as possible.

Steve Laverson, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Concerns about nipple viability after breast lift and exchange of implants

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The right nipple is darker and looks concerning. It could be from venous congestion or late stages of arterial occlusion. You need to see your surgeon as soon as possible if he has not evaluated it yet. If signs appeared just recently releasing some of the stitches, nitroglycerin ointment, Asprin and some cases hyperbaric oxygen chambers may be helpful.


Wish you best of luck

Concern about nipple

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Your nipple is definitely darker than the other. it might be just from a little venous congestion. There's not much you can do about it. You might take some baby aspirin which helps a little with blood flow. Check with your surgeon.

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