I Am Wondering if the Size of my Breasts Will Change As the Implants Soften and Settle?

I am four weeks post-op with HP 350cc gummy silicone. I am worried as the implants soften that I will lose a cup size and be a b. I was a 32A (buy couldn't fill the whole bra cup) pre-op. I workout and have quite developed chest muscles which is why I got the surgery because I basically had all muscle and bottom breast tissue. Initially I was a D post off but as the swelling goes down I am C. I don't want to get any smaller and am worried I will. Any advice? I know, full results in a year! : )

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You will NOT lose another cup size with additional healing, softening, and settling!

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By 4 weeks post-op, the majority of your surgical swelling has diminished, and only subtle additional loss in volume can be expected to occur. I'm actually surprised that you have lost almost a cup size with initial swelling resolution, as most of my patients have little swelling, almost no bruising, and actually improve in projection as tissues stretch and implants settle (and yes, I place implants in the submuscular position most frequently). Careful surgery and precise hemostasis is better than a drain or tight surgical bra, and leads to much less post-operative swelling, bruising (and lower capsular contracture rates) overall.

350cc will generally add almost a cup and a half size to whatever breast volume you started with, so by your size description, you should end up at a small C-cup in size, but that depends so much more on the bra manufacturer than anything else!

If you have true style 410 "gummy bear" implants, these are teardrop-shaped, textured implants that will not drop or settle much more (they "adhere" to your tissues and do not move much). You will note subtle changes for 6-12 months in breast softness, sensation, and scar maturation, but volume or size-wise you pretty much will have long-term what you have right now. If you have smooth round cohesive gel implants, these are not actual "gummy bear" implants, and these can be expected to soften and drop a bit more as time goes by. I hope this helps! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Do breasts look the same after dropping?

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Two things happen and seem paradoxical. As as the swelling goes down there will be some shrinkage but at the same time as the muscle relaxes your breast projection grows. In general the breast shape and size proportionality improves..

Breast implants initially after surgery when placed in a submuscular position often give superior fullness that corrects itself with time, the "fluff and drop" phenomena. In reality the pectoralis major muscle takes a while to adjust its size to accommodate the implant as well as occasional muscle spasm which keeps the implant projection higher than its final resting shape. Additional variables include:laxity of skin, size difference during prior pregnancies, position of implant,size of muscle, and size of implant.
As the muscle relaxes the projection of the implant often increases and the breast shape improves. Massage and use of a superior placed elastic strap can often make this process go faster.

Position but not size of your breast implants will change after 4 weeks postop

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Thank you for your question. After 4 weeks post breast reconstruction the implants will settle but the size of your breast that is the cup size should remain the same. If you are concerned see your plastic surgeon.

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Breast Implant Settling

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At four weeks after your breast augmentation, any further breast changes will not reduce your breast size any further. At this point, almost all swelling has subsided and it is just a matter of skin softening and adaptation around the implants now.

Changes in Breast Size after Augmentation

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Breast Size will difinitely go down after augmentation due to a decrease in the swelling.  Shape will also change after implants settle.  Healing after any surgery differs from patient to patient.  Time will tell if on your final size. 

Dr. ES

Concerns about Breast Size after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question.

I would respectfully suggest that you understand that “worry” at this point is unhelpful. Only on going time will tell exactly what cup size you will end up ( and even this will be somewhat arbitrary given that cup sizes will vary from one bra manufacturer to another).

In other words, it is difficult to predict exactly how the breasts will change;  many of my patients report that they feel their breasts  appear larger as time goes by and the breast implants “drop and fluff”.

Enjoy your “new additions”, continue to be patient, and follow-up with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

Breast size with settling

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Thank you for your question. During the post-operative period the breast are swollen, and the breast implants appear in a much higher position. Over time they descend and fills out the lower half of the breast. It may take several months for this to happen and can be encouraged with breast massage and compression. After the swelling goes down the breasts will appear smaller. However, as the implants settle, it may appear that the breast enlarges as the lower aspect of the breast fills out (at the expense of the upper portion of the breast).

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