Wondering if I can use my beauty gadgets after Ultherapy!

I had ultherapy last week and was wondering if I can use my beauty gadgets now. I have the NuFace Trinity and the Palovia laser and the lightstim. Would I be ruining the affects of the Ultherapy if I start using these again? Also I don't see any difference in my face yet, maybe a little tighter around the neck. I am not giving up hope. I paid $4000 for full face and I found the Palovia laser is more uncomfortable than the Ultherapy. I actually enjoyed it.

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Ultherapy results not affected by home use beauty devices

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Results from Ultherapy take about 3 months to fully develop, and it is unlikely that your home use devices will have an adverse effect. Interesting to hear that your Palovia was more painful! I just had Ultherapy last week using the new settings and there was almost no discomfort.

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Facial Treatments after Ultherapy

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Ultherapy uses 2 levels of treatment 3 mm and 4.5 mm deep and it is not likely that any of the home treatments penetrate the skin or the SMAS layer below the skin and therefore there is nothing that you can do to adversely change the positive effects of Ultherapy. You are right as the new treatment settings for Ultherapy make the procedure nearly painless - probably 1 out of a scale of 10, 10 being painful. Read the Ultherapy book on the link below. 

Use of Beauty Gadgets After Ultherapy

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Hi Brenjor,

After Ultherapy you may use your beauty gadgets within a few days after the treatment. There is not anything that you can do to "ruin" the effects of the ultrasound stimulation of new collagen production. Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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