Does Wisdom Teeth Extraction Change Face Shape?

Hi Since i had 3 of my wisdom teeth removed, my face look different. Is that possible wisdom teeth extraction change the shape of the face, or something on the face? Thank you

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Face change following tooth extraction

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It is not likely that a person's facial outline would change following third molar extractions.  However, if a patient has lost multiple back teeth, it may give the patient a 'sunken in'  facial appearance.  The way to correct this is to replace the missing teeth.

Laurel Dentist

Face shape change from wisdom tooth extraction

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It is not likely that removing your wisdom teeth has change the shape of your face assuming all the other teeth are present. It was commonplace for models to have molars remove 30 years ago for a gaunt look.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

Wisdom tooth extraction and face shape changes

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If there was any infection with swelling before your teeth were extracted, or if there was post op swelling after the extractions, then when everything healed your face might seem different to you. I don't think there would be much permanent change with normal extractions though.

Paul D. Kantor, DDS
Cleveland Dentist

Wisdom teeth extraction and face shape

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After post-operative swelling goes down the shape of the face usually goes to the previous contours. However, intra-oral changes from reflecting the flap in the cases with impacted wisdom teeth or complicated surgical extractions can change the sensation of nerves in the mouth cavity. In some cases, especially in young females, it can affect the over-all comprehension of their extra-oral tissue as well. After the sensation of oral mucosa and intra-oral muscles goes back to normal these subjective symptoms disappear.

Will removal of wisdom teeth change the shape of my face?

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You mentioned you had three of your wisdom teeth removed and now your face looks different. I have removed many wisdom teeth in patients in my 40 years of practicing general dentistry.  I have never seen a patient's face change in structure after the teeth were removed.  Also just by removing teeth would not cause bone loss, so i think maybe it is not extracting the wisdom teeth that has changed the shape of your face.  Maybe you have weight loss or weight gain or changed the style of your hair, which could make you feel that your face looks different.  Hope this helps answer your question.  Have you had any problems after their removal?  If so, please seek advice from a dental professional near you.

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

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