Will Fraxel Laser Help Treat my Skin Cancer?

I am a 53-year-old white female and I live in the harsh South African sun. I have a real problem with skin cancer on my face and I wish to know, will Fraxel Laser have a positive effect on me?

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Fraxel is not a treatment for Skin cancer

Fraxel is not a treatment for Skin cancers (basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas, melanoma and other types). Any laser utilizing "fractional" technology will result in microscopic areas of skin that do not get treated. This risks leaving skin cancer cells behind. Seek conventional treatments for skin cancers to ensure the highest cure rates.

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Fraxel's effect on skin cancer...

Fraxel is not going to treat your skin cancer. But it may be a nice treatment after having any skin cancer removed....it will help soften your scars.

The Fraxel treatment can greatly improve a handful of cosmetic concerns, and as a bonus may help reduce the number of actinic keratosis spots you may have in the treated area. Even at that though, (from my experience) there are more effective treatments for actinic keratosis as well.

Patrick S. Carney, MD
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Fraxel and Skin Cancer Treatment

Hi Gnome,

Fraxel re:pair and Fraxel re:store laser treatments have been FDA approved to treat actinic keratosis which may precede actual skin cancer. They are also approved and effective at treating sun damaged skin. The Fraxel treatments will have a positive effect on any sun damage and pre-cancerous skin lesions.

If you have a suspicious lesion, it should be fully evaluated by a qualified physician. It should be biopsied to make the proper diagnosis. If it is found to be a skin cancer, then surgical excision or if indicated topical ablation with medication should be carried out. Sorry that you have learned this lesson the hard way. Wear protective clothing, avoid direct sun exposure, and use a physical sun block. Good luck and be well.

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Fraxel is not a therapy for skin cancer

As the other dermatologists have indicated, this is NOT a therapy for skin cancer. Ideally, skin cancers on the face are best treated by Mohs' Surgery. This is the modality that offers the best cure rate and, by virtue of being tissue sparing, is associated with the best scar.

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