When I Touch my Scars Why Does It Feel Like There is Something Tough Under my Skin Just Around Scarline? (photo)

Hi, I've had my surgery 2,5 months ago. It is 225cc both and under the muscle. I have problems with my scars. My scars are below my breast. Everthing is ok except the weird feeling around my scars. When ı touch my scars that area is tough not as soft as other parts of my breast. It feels like there is smth under the scar line. Is that a capsule or it is normal? I couldnt find any info about what it is on internet. Thanks for your help Belinda

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Firm scars

This sounds normal...some surgeons put absorbable sutures under the skin in this area and they can cause some firmness during the early healing process.  You are certainly still in the early phases of healing.  Massaging the scars as often as possible will help as well as being patient.

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Scars after breast aug

Scars go through extensive healing changes over a number of months after surgery.  What you are feeling sounds totally normal at this time.  LEAVE YOUR SCARS ALONE.   TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR.

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Scars after breast augmentation

You are most likely feeling the dissolvable sutures when you feel the tough area under the scar.  Depending on what kind of suture was utilized, the sutures will dissolve and the area will get softer in next couple months.  You should massage on the scar with scar cream; also you should avoid sun exposure in that area.  If you are still concerned about it, talk to your plastic surgeon.

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Hi Belinda,


What you are feeling it sounds to be scar tissue build up. That is normal, what you can do to help is message the area with some lotion to help break it up. You can also try using scar therapy. Without an exam it’s hard to be exact on what it could be, that would be my best bet.


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