Are 370cc Silicone Implants Considered Larger Implants?

Could I wait 6 months and use the same pocket if I wanted to go noticeably smaller. With these implants I am a C/D. I want to be more like a B cup. Any suggestions on how much to change? 370 cc midrange profile silicone

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370cc implants are not considered "large." But they may still be too large for your goals.

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In order to see a visible change in size, a minimum of 60cc (2 ounces) must be considered for the slightest change. I generally have found (in thousands of breast augmentations patients over 25 years) that it takes 250cc to equal about one cup size, so going down by that amount would leave a very small, narrow implant sliding around in a too-large pocket. So compromise must be considered between your "too large" present result, and small(er) implants.

Going down about 100cc, and using moderate profile implants (to get the widest base diameter for the smaller size you and your surgeon choose), will give you the best compromise between the smaller size you wish and too small implants sliding around in your larger already-created pockets. Smaller decrease than this will not be an appreciable difference, and even 100cc is less than a half cup size decrease. But any smaller and you end up with what I describe as a "baseball in a bowler hat" analogy. You will just have a different sort of dissatisfaction.

Discuss this carefully with your surgeon. Also, remember bra sizes are so variable that the letter on any particular bra's label is NOT your size--it's just the bra you have selected. The point here is that you don't want to be a bra size, you want a certain breast size. Then you can buy whatever bra fits well and looks nice, regardless of the letter on the label! Compare the breast implant sizes with the breast appearance on our website bu clicking on the web reference link below--each of these cases include accurate height, weight, and implant sizes--the cup sizes are determined by the patient and are "all over the board." Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Size is relative

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I would not consider a 375 cc implant large but it also depends upon your body habitus and starting point. In terms of implant exchange, the pocket may need modification. If you have recently undergone augmentation, give yourself a chance to adapt to the new look before making a change. It would take a 75 change, at minimum, to make an appreciable difference.

Downsizing from 370cc Breast Implants

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Breast implants of 370cc would not be considered large for most women, but size is relative and all that matter is what you think. If you exchange your implants to a smaller size, make sure you go down by 75cc to 100cc in your case to appreciate that cup size reduction.

370 cc implants

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This would certainly be about the average implant size in my practice.  Remember though that the final cup size is a combination of what you start with, the amount of implant volume you add and how the implant sits on your rib cage.  You could easily decrease the size of your breast by changing the implant to a smaller size with minimal anesthesia and discomfort.  I agree that 75 to 100 cc is the minimal amount to notice a change.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

Inplant size

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It really depends on many factors such as siz of your pocket, how tall you are, width of shoulder-370 ccs is considered mid-range for most patients of average height and average siz pocket

Revising Breast Size

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Revising your implants should be relatively simple.  If you want to exchange your 370cc implants for a smaller size, you should be able to use the same pocket and the same scar.  I have done many of these operations under local anesthesia (with the patient awake).  As far as how much smaller you want to be, you would have to discuss this in detail with your surgeon.  It takes roughly 75-100cc to make a noticeable change in size.  I have patients pick a photo of another woman with the desired breast size and the day of surgery, place different size implants until I match the photo.  Hope this helps!

Best Breast Implants for Revisionary Breast Surgery?

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Thank you for the question.

No, I would not consider 370 mL breast implants to be “larger implants".  However, everything is relative and 370 mL breast implants may be too large for your taste or goals. In order to give you precise advice as to what breast implant size may best meet your goals, I would need to examine you in person and communicate  with you about your goals. I prefer the use of goal pictures during this communication process.

Generally speaking, downsizing at least 75 to 100 mL is necessary to achieve a noticeable change.

I hope this helps.

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