Fraxel vs Pixel Laser Treatments

What is the difference between fraxel and pixel and when should each be used? How effective is either in removing lines from upper lip and mistakes/bumps on lower jaw caused by injections?

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Fraxel vs Pixel

Fraxel is a brand name of a laser made by Solta; Pixel is a brand name from a company called Alma. Both are fractional lasers and both can improve the lines of the upper lip.

In terms of the bumps of the injections: some can be improved, some cannot. It would be impossible to give advice without seeing this in person.

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Fraxel vs. Pixel

Fraxel and Pixel are both factionated, or pixelated, lasers. This means that the laser hand piece looks kind of like a showerhead. Both of these lasers are used for resurfacing, and are very similar in function. Either one would be good for treating fine lines from the upper lip, it would just depend on which laser your health care provider patrons. At my office, we use Pixel for this type of treatment. As far as removing the bumps from injections, those nodules can be broken up with this laser, but ultimately the best treatment option would be determined in a complimentary consultation because the best course of action would be dependent upon what type of filler was used.

Jeffrey W. Hall, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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