What is CosmoDerm?

What is CosmoDerm?

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A Collagen Filler

Cosmoderm is a filler derived from human tissue (foreskins from circumcisions). Zyderm, the pioneer of facial injectables, was derived from bovine collagen (leather). An advantage of Cosmoderm is that, unlike Zyderm, it does not require an allergy test.

Many physicians, including myself, find it very helpful to use around the vermilion border, the area between the lip and skin. I also like it in the crow's feet area and scars.

It does not last as long and is a bit less forgiving. Unlike the hyaluronic acid fillers (Juvederm, Restylane) once it is in cannot be recalled with something like hyaluronidase which can dissolve any mistakes. However, any beading or problems I have had with this or its predecessor, lasts for only a couple of weeks at the most.

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CosmoDerm is a collagen based filler

CosmoPlast and CosmoDerm are collagen based fillers that do not require a skin test prior to treatment. Although they are less expensive than Restylane or Juvederm, the results last about half as long, or less. Use of CosmoPlast and CosmoDerm has dwindled since the introduction of hyaluronic acid based fillers several years ago (see below).

A new collagen based filler called Evolence also does not require a skin test and reportedly lasts longer than Cosmodermdue to a cross-matrix technology that holds the material together longer. Bruising and swelling are supposed to be minimized with Evolence compared to other fillers.

Restylane, Perlane and Juvederm are hyaluronic acid based fillers that also do not require a skin test and last 6 to 18 months depending on where it's injected, and how much is injected. The biggest benefit to hyaluronic acid fillers is that the effects can be reversed by injecting an enzyme to dissolve it if the results are undesireable.

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