How Will Further Weight Loss After Breast Reduction Results?

I understand that the best scenerio is to be at your optimum weight but in my case that's what I'm trying to do. But the back issues are hindering me so if after a Breast Reduction is done and I continue to try to lose weight how will that affect the reduction if at all?

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Continued weight loss following breast reduction surgery

Prior to under going breast reduction surgery, you should be at or near your goal weight. Although many patients feel they need to under go breast reduction surgery prior to losing weight, this is not the case. Patients can optimize their condition prior to surgery with diet and exercise. If a significant amount of weight loss occurs after breast reduction surgery, this can alter the shape and appearance of a womans breasts. In some instances, a patient may require a lift or another reduction.

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Weight loss after breast reduction

Losing weight following your breast reduction may influence your results depending on the amount of weight lost and your unique physiology. It could contribute to sagging or a further decrease in breast size. On the other hand, it may not affect your results at all. It is difficult to say for sure.

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Reaching Your Ideal Body Weight Prior to Breast Reduction Surgery

         The results of breast reduction surgery are better when patients are near their ideal body weight. When patients are overweight they’re encouraged to lose weight prior to surgery, unfortunately, the majority of patients with weight issues are not successful dieting. Despite this, patients who are overweight derive significant benefits from breast reduction. Many have increased exercise tolerance following reduction and are able to lose weight elsewhere. For these reasons, we don’t view excess weight as an absolute contra indication to breast reduction surgery.


         It’s not unusual for patients who lose weight following breast reduction to have changes in their breasts. This may involve additional loss of breast volume and the development of recurrent breast sag. When this situation arises secondary surgery may be necessary. In some cases, either a breast lift or secondary breast reduction may be indicated. Even when secondary breast surgery is necessary because of continued weight loss, breast reduction patients report high satisfaction rates. 

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Weight loss after breast reduction surgery?

 Thank you for the question.

Depending on how much weight you lose after the breast reduction surgery your breasts will likely become smaller and/or more ptotic (droop).  As you know, it would be best to be as close as possible to your long-term “stable” weight before the surgery to avoid these postoperative changes ( which occasionally cause patients to seek further  breast surgery).

Best wishes.


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Continued Weight Loss After Breast Reduction Surgery

If you lose only a few pounds after a breast reduction, then your breasts should maintain their proportional size and shape.   If you are planning to lose significant weight i.e. over 20 pounds, then it is important that your surgeon keep your breasts slightly larger and definitely proportionate to the remainder of your body.   If the breasts are made smaller than the rest of your frame and you then lose greater than 20 pounds, you will find that you lose significant breast volume and breast shape.   Many women have difficulty losing weight pre-operatively so I always keep this in mind when I am marking an individual patient for surgery.   In the side post op view,   I never want a patient's breasts to be less projecting than their abdomen.

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Breast reductoin adn then weight loss

If you undergo a breast reduction and then lose weight, your breasts may deflate a bit.  It is difficult to predict.

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Weight loss after Breast Reduction

If you continue to lose weight after your breast reduction, you will likely lose some volume in your breasts. In some women the skin shrinks along with the breast tissue, and you are just left with smaller breasts. In other women, the skin does not shrink and the breasts look droopy because now there is less breast tissue in the same size skin "envelope".

Ideally you are at your goal weight before your reduction, but like you said, it's a tough situation because very large breasts get in the way of exercising and can make it very uncomfortable. After a reduction, you can fit into clothing better, have less weight to carry, and less tissue physically in the way, making exercise more appealing and tolerable.

Keep in mind once you do achieve a stable lower weight, you can have a revision to fix any drooping that may have developed. (If you go for a revision with a different surgeon, make sure you find out what type of pedicle was used on your first surgery so you can notify your current surgeon.)

If you lose more breast volume than you want, but are happy and stable at a lower body weight, you have the option of adding an implant to restore volume.

Good luck!

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Continued Weight Loss After Breast Reduction

Another great question. We all get asked this during a breast reduction consultation. The fact of the matter is if you lose weight in your breasts with body weight loss then this will continue after breast reduction. All women lose weight in some areas greater than others. If you lose weight in your breasts then this will continue after breast reduction. But I agree that the surgery will help you to exercise more and in the long run is better off done now instead of after the weight loss.

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Weight loss after a breast reduction

Many patients think they can't lose weight before a breast reduction because they can't exercise. This is not true. Exercise helps to increase your caloric expendature but if you can't do it you still need to restrict calories to less than you burn. You will just lose weight slower.

The obvious problem with weight loss after surgery is that the result might become loose and lax and need to be re-done to tighten it up again.

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Timing Breast Reduction and Weight Loss

Hi there-

This is not an uncommon problem- you want to lose weight in order to proceed with your breast reduction, but have a terrible time exercising BECAUSE of your large breasts!

It is important for you to understand the implications of your decision making. The further you are from your target weight at the time of surgery, the more likely that when you do achieve your desired weight you might need a revision of your breast reduction to achieve a pleasing long term outcome.

In most cases, this is a minor procedure, and well tolerated.

On the other hand, if you think you can manage to lose the weight before your procedure, it's always nice to only have to have one operation instead of two.

If you would like to know more about how best to find a plastic surgeon you like and can trust, please read this:

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