Is It Possible to Weigh Too Much to Have a Gastric Bypass Operation?

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Gastric Bypass Surgery - Can you weigh too much?

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Yes there are limitations to how much you can weight prior to bariatric surgery.  The larger you are, the higher the risks.  We prefer to have patients with a BMI less than 60 prior to surgery.  Studies have shown increase risk with BMI greater than 60.  Also our malpractice insurance carrirer will not allow us to operate on patients that can not fit into our CT scan machine which is 440lbs.  All surgeons have different policies regarding this so you should consult with your bariatric surgeon.

Limitations on having Gastric Bypass Operations

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Regarding: "Is It Possible to Weigh Too Much to Have a Gastric Bypass Operation?"

Gastric Bypass operations are subject to some of the same limitations as other operations. They cannot be done on a patient whose health makes him/her a poor risk for surgery, whose psychiatric status would not allow him/her to comply with medical instructions or whose sheer size exceeds that of current surgical instrumentation to reach into the abdomen to perform the operation.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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