How Many Weeks Does It Take to See Final Results After a Brow Lift?

Could it be months before I see how a brow lift will really look like?

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Final results of brow ift

Brow lifts are initially over-corrected - meaning you see higher brow position in the initial few days or weeks.  The final result is seen when swelling has gone away - typically by 2 months.

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Final results after a brow lift

One reaches a stable state in two to three months after a brow lift.  Most of the swelling is gone by the end of  the second week after surgery at which point one can return to work and public events.  The minimal residual swelling will take an additional few weeks to subside.

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How Many Weeks Does It Take to See Final Results After a Brow Lift?

Thank you for your question. In general, the majority of the result following a brow lift is apparent in just a few  weeks. By that time, the sutures are removed, bruising has improved and the majority of the swelling has resolved. The surgical approach undertaken in your particular case will influence how quickly you may see a final result. Good luck.

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How Many Weeks Does It Take to See Final Results After a Brow Lift?

 No, the elevated eyebrows should be immediately evident and won't be going any higher up as the post Brow Lift swelling subsides over about 1 week post-op.  This is for the Coronal Brow Lift which remains the gold standard of Brow Lifts.  Be sure that you get a Brow Lift procedure that actually has a chance of giving you the desired results: elevated eyebrows.  IMHO, there are many modified Brow Lift "lite" procedures that are more marketing than effective.

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Brow lift and healing


   A brow lift is one of the few procedures in facial plastic surgery where the patient can anticipate the final results sooner, rather than later.  After a nasal recontouring rhinoplasty the final results will take one to two years to complete.  Following a face lift the skin and soft tissue evolve over the first twelve months.  However, after a brow lift, I advise my patients that 90-95% of the results will be attainable after the first 2 or 3 months.  That being said, the healing process is a little bit different in everyone, and some patients may take longer then others to obtain the final results.


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Healing after a brow lift

healing is gradual

the biggest change is in the first 2 weeks

it will look better at 2 mos

will continue to change over the next 10 mos

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Final Results after a Brow Lift

You will appreciate the changes following a brow lift within 2 weeks of surgery.  If a patient is in the public eye or  their success in their profession does depend on physical appearance they should allow themselves 10-14 days. Healing will decreased swelling and refinement of the forehead and eyebrows will continue for another 6 months.

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Time to See Final Results after Brow Lift

In most cases, the results after a brow lift make the brow appear too high for a few days. After a few weeks, the results will be close to the expected results. It may take a few months for the final result.

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Results after Brow Lift

Thank you for the question.

You will see the major effects of the brow lift within a few weeks after surgery. However, it may take a few months before you see the “final results".

Best wishes.

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