I Am 9 Weeks Post Op Breast Lift and Aug With Grade 3 CC, Can I Exercise with Weights?

I have had grade 3 Capsular Contracture since 3 weeks or sooner. (saline implants, sub-muscular) I have a follow up at 12 weeks for possible capsulotomy/ectomy? I have put on over 5lbs since surgery due to lack of exercise and am dying to hit the gym again. I have only been walking or lightly jogging with very good sports bras doubled up. I am wondering what the consensus is on using weights, and doing push-ups and pull-ups at this stage.

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Exercise after surgery

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I think it is best to ask your surgeon what he prefers. Usually for my patients there are no restrictions by 6-8 weeks.

Exercise Post-augmentation

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Hello there 

You need to check with your surgeon to be certain , but for most patients by 6 weeks a full return to normal exercise activity is possible .


Terrence Scamp 

Terrence Scamp, MBBS, FRACS
Gold Coast Plastic Surgeon

I Am 9 Weeks Post Op Breast Lift and Aug With Grade 3 CC,

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It is hard for me to accept the possibility of a grade 3 capsule at only three weeks after surgery!

In terms of exercise, that question should be asked of your surgeon, particularly if surgery is planned in the near future. 

At nine weeks after surgery, most surgeons would allow return to activity, with some caution of heavy use of the pectoral muscles, because they can cause displacement of the implants. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

It's ok for most at this time

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Although there are unique differences between people, most are ok to start full or near full workouts at 6 weeks if released by their doctor. This assumes no healing problems from the combined surgery of course. Although you might want to modify your workout if you have some discomfort, typically things are healed well enough that there is very little risk of your workout routine damaging anything or compromising your final result after 6 weeks. It will not have any effect on your CC, best of luck with that. Early after the onset of CC I always offer Singulair which may help some avoid surgery. That is an "off label" use of a drug (not FDA cleared for CC) and should be discussed between doctor and patient.

Breast Lift: Protect your investment.

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In most cases it is not advisable to use weights or any highly vigorous exercise prior to six week.  By week nine, you should be able to resume normal activity, though if you feel any tugging or pressure, you should follow up with your physician.

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