3 weeks post implant revision/mastopexy. Will they settle down to B/C-cup? Will areolas look better? (Photo)

First silicone implants 1994, McGhan 410, 280 cc; went from A to C cup. Since then, I gained @15 lbs. and breasts grew to a DDD. Goal: replace implants, reduce to B+ or C-. Surgery was three weeks ago (inc. mastopexy). But breasts still fit into old bras, R is larger than L, and areolas now point out. Surgeon used Sientra textured round silicone, 205 cc. (He knew prior implant specs when he recommended this).

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Weight gain and great implants

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If you were a C cup with your initial  280 cc implants, but weight gain made you a DDD with those same implants, you may have a lot more breast tissue of your own.  You could even hypothesize that you may be a C cup without any implants at all.  Wait 6 months for full healing and swelling to resolve and then re-evaluate with your surgeon.

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Size change after mastopexy plus implant exchange.

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The critical information missing here is the amount of tissue removed by your surgeon in performing your mastopexy. This could range from an ounce of skin (30g) to much more. This amount of tissue was removed, your implants went from 280cc to 205cc, and therefore, your size decreased by 75g plus the amount of tissue removed per side. This should be at least 100g per side, or more if more tissue was removed.

The above calculation totally removes the "swelling" component  of "previous size to present size," and 100cc is significantly short of a 3 cup size decrease. So unless a significant amount of tissue was removed, once swelling is resolved and healing complete, you may still be bigger than you desire.

Or . . . your bra sizing is off. Cup sizes differ so much by manufacturer, trying to estimate breast sizes by bra cup sizes is often fraught with inconsistency. Better to show photos of desired size and leave the rest to your surgeon, who should have his or her own personal guidelines as to what amount of tissue removal will leave a certain amount of breast volume.

On a good note, being (still) too large is better than being too small, since more tissue can always be removed, or even implants can be removed and your own breast tissue remaining may be "enough," at least until you lose weight. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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3 weeks post implant revision/mastopexy. Will they settle down to B/C-cup? Will areolas look better?

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You did not post before photos! This ALWAYS help in comparison. But with that said I think your result looks very good. 


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Sounds like you had a very thoughtful surgeon who had a great gameplan. I tell people depending on the amount of work done and in this case it seems like a lot that the swelling can take up to 3 months to come down by 90% and sometimes 6 months to a year for your final relaxed result

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