I Am 9 Weeks Post Breast Reduction Surgery. I Have Experienced Quite a Few Post Operative Problems, Are They Normal? (photo)

I had separation and infection of the incisions and also a hematoma in the right breast. I now have tissue retraction bilaterally. The right side is less obvious and is at the incision which leads me to think it would be from scarring. However, I still have a great amount of pain on the right side. The retraction on the left side is more extensive. It is also more medial and away from the incision. Should I be concerned or is this a common side affect after surgery?

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Breast Reduction Results?

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Thank you for the question in pictures.

Although it is difficult to evaluate the close-up pictures accurately, it is clear that you are over the “worst of things” and the remainder of your recovery should be smoother. Unfortunately without direct examination is not possible to diagnose the specific cause of pain you are experiencing.

I would suggest that you allow for several months to pass before evaluating the end results of surgery. You may find that 6 months to one year after surgery, you will be pleased with the results of surgery. If not, revisionary surgery may be helpful.

In the meantime, continue to follow-up with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

Early scar contracture following a breast reduction

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It appears that most of your problem is with a shortening of the vertical scar as this scar matures it contracts thus causing the indentations.  Continue to massage the area and it may just be fine.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Problems after breast reduction

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Sorry your course wasn't as smooth as would be ideal.  It does look like you are healed now and what you are seeing may well resolve with time and massage.  Sometimes, internal scar tissues are worse from infection and hematomas so work closely with your surgeon over the next 6 months and see how it all goes.

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